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Emirates inflight WiFi

Emirates emerged as a pioneer among global airlines by introducing widespread inflight WiFi accessibility, setting a precedent with budget-friendly $1 plans. However, the immense popularity of this service led to congestion issues, causing speeds to dwindle significantly. Over time, the airline has ingeniously revitalized emirates airlines wifi onboard provisions, ensuring a superior and seamless connectivity experience. Nevertheless, for those seeking cost-effective options, Emirates extends opportunities to engage with peers or family without expenditure, regardless of the flight, through innovative free communication channels.
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Does Emirates have inflight WiFi?

Absolutely, Emirates provides high-altitude WiFi on virtually all of their flights. They offer both free connectivity options and premium paid plans for passengers to choose from.

Which Emirates flights have WiFi?

Emirates ensures that its entire array of aircraft is equipped with in-flight internet connectivity. Whether you’re embarking on an Airbus A380 adventure or a Boeing 777 journey, the opportunity to engage online during cruising altitude is at your fingertips, with exceptions only in cases of technical anomalies or while traversing restricted airspace.


Anticipated for operational debut in 2024, Emirates’ upcoming Airbus A350 fleet will seamlessly integrate high-velocity internet accessibility through Inmarsat’s cutting-edge Global Xpress (GX) satellite network.

How much does Emirates WiFi cost?

Emirates offers a range of paid WiFi packages with costs that vary based on factors such as your Skywards membership tier, travel class, and route specifics.

To provide insight into the available options, the following plans are on offer:

  1. Unlimited Chat Plan: Maintain seamless connections with your preferred text messaging applications (WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or Viber) throughout the entirety of your flight.
    • Pricing: USD $2.99 (AUD $4.30) to USD $5.99 (AUD $8.70), varying according to flight duration.
  2. Full Flight WiFi Plan: Enjoy uninterrupted WiFi access for the duration of your flight.
    • Pricing: USD $9.99 (AUD $14.50) to USD $19.99 (AUD $29), contingent upon flight length.
  3. Easy Connect Plan (Available in select regions): Accessible for 30 minutes with no data restrictions.
    • Pricing: USD $9.99 (AUD $14.50).

Does Emirates have free WiFi?

Certainly, Emirates extends two varieties of complimentary WiFi options, exclusively accessible to Emirates Skywards members.

The initial choice entails free and boundless chat connectivity. This privilege is extended to Emirates Skywards Blue members traveling in business class and Emirates Skywards Gold members journeying in economy. They can seamlessly engage with WhatsApp, Messenger, and other text platforms without incurring any charges.

For those seeking to avail themselves of comprehensive free wifi on emirates flights coverage throughout the entirety of their flight, the criteria are outlined as follows:

  1. Passengers voyaging in first and business class are entitled to unrestricted complimentary WiFi, encompassing all Skywards membership tiers (Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum).
  2. Economy passengers benefit from unlimited emirates free wifi on board exclusively applicable to Skywards Gold and Platinum members.

To harness these offerings, it is imperative to have your Skywards membership number synchronized with your booking at least 24 hours before departure. emirates wifi on board, access entails utilizing your membership number and password for seamless log-in.

How To Connect To Emirates Airlines Wifi?

  1. Switch your device to flight mode, then initiate emirates airlines free wifi activation and establish a connection with the “OnAir” network once the aircraft is airborne.
  2. You have the choice to either log in as a Skywards member for access to exclusive promotions and discounts or proceed as a guest.
  3. If you qualify for boundless complimentary internet, this alternative will be prominently displayed.
  4. For guests who do not meet the eligibility criteria for complimentary access, convenient payment through a card is required to acquire a emirates wifi plan.

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Does Emirates WiFi work during the whole flight?

Not precisely so – although emirates airlines internet operates for the majority of the journey, there are specific instances when the connection will be momentarily inactive:

  1. During periods when the aircraft is below 10,000 feet (e.g., shortly after takeoff or prior to landing).
  2. While traversing over designated restricted geographical areas.

How to Purchase Your Emirates WiFi Plan?

Tailored for users of both iOS and Android platforms, the Emirates App emerges as the central pathway to access a diverse spectrum of exclusive services. Upon establishing a connection, you can seamlessly advance to secure your reservation by entering your membership number.

Please ensure that this process is completed at least one day prior to your scheduled flight to ensure a seamless experience and eligibility for any available offers.

To fully capitalize on your personalized services, employ the Emirates App to seamlessly integrate your Skywards Membership number into your booking a day ahead of your flight.


Does Emirates offer inflight WiFi?

Yes, Emirates provides high-altitude WiFi on the majority of their flights. Passengers can choose between free connectivity options and premium paid plans.

Which Emirates flights are equipped with WiFi?

Emirates ensures that all their aircraft are equipped with in-flight internet connectivity. This includes flights on Airbus A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft.

Will the upcoming Emirates Airbus A350 fleet have WiFi?

Yes, Emirates’ upcoming Airbus A350 fleet, expected to debut in 2024, will offer high-speed emirates internet access through Inmarsat’s Global Xpress (GX) satellite network.

How do I connect to Emirates WiFi?

To connect to Emirates WiFi, switch your device to flight mode, activate emirates on air wifi, and connect to the “OnAir” network after takeoff. You can log in as a Skywards member for exclusive access or continue as a guest. Complimentary internet on emirates flight options will be displayed if eligible. Otherwise, you can purchase a WiFi plan using a card.

How can I purchase an Emirates WiFi plan?

Download and use the Emirates App on iOS or Android devices to access exclusive services and purchase emirates wifi plan. Ensure your Skywards membership number is added to your booking at least 24 hours before your flight for a seamless experience.


Emirates has pioneered widespread inflight WiFi, adapting to evolving needs and preferences. With diverse plans, complimentary options for Skywards members, and upcoming high-speed connectivity on the A350 fleet, Emirates ensures a seamless travel experience. From personal to professional needs, Emirates’ commitment to innovative technology makes staying connected an integral part of modern air travel.


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