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How to Embed Video in Microsoft Excel

Feb 11,2019 - (Free)

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This article demonstrates the 3 ways that how to run a YouTube video from within Microsoft Excel. You may know of some other approached to this subject that is worth sharing. It’s a breeze to embed a video in Microsoft Excel.

video embed

  1. You can add an Active X control to the worksheet and add the video URL to the properties of the control.
  2. A Userform that is active from a button on the sheet is I think the best way to do this as it takes less space and cannot be accidentally deleted. This is for me the best approach normal.

Follow these two methods to embed video in Microsoft excel

When did you need to embed a video in Microsoft Excel?


  • As a training tutorial for the active file
  • To promote your business with the Excel file that you send
  • In place of and instruction list or how to list
  • To introduce yourself to your intended audience
  • To direct people to your website or YouTube channel

Here are the changes that are needed for the URL

  1. Link to video URL as it appears on YouTube
  2. Remove watch?    And replace   =    with   /
    1. Add this to the end of the URL ?fs=1&hl=en_US
  3. This is what it should look like when finished
  • The first way to embed video in Microsoft Excel.

Active X control: Shockwave Flash Object

  1. On your worksheet, click on the Developer tab on the ribbon.
  2. If the Developer tab is not visible then go to File / Customise the Ribbon/on the right-hand pane tick the box next to Developer
  3. Click the Developer tab/in the control section, select Legacy Tools/Active X Controls/More Controls (The image is a crossed spanner and hammer)
  4. Scroll down until you can select Shockwave Flash Object
  5. Draw a box on the spreadsheet the size of the video (not too big).
  6. Right-click inside the box and choose Properties.
  7. In Movie add the URL for the YouTube video.
  8. In the URL delete Watch?  And change = to / and save the document.
  9. Click on Design Mode under the Developer tab to deselect design mode.
  10. Play your video.

Developer mode

  • The second way to embed video in Microsoft Excel.

YouTube Video in a Userform

  1. Press ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor
  2. Choose Insert/Userform
  3. Click View / Toolbox
  4. Right Click Toolbox / Additional Controls
  5. Scroll to Shockwave Flash Object and tick the box the object will now appear in the toolbox
  6. Click the Shockwave Flash Object icon that is now in the toolbox and draw a frame in the userform
  7. Right Click / Properties / Movie and insert the URL then remove? Watch and replace = with/in the URL
  8. On  the Toolbox, click Command Button add draw a Command Button under the Video Frame
  9. Double click the button and insert this code in the space between the 2 lines    unload me
  10. In the VBE menu Choose Insert  Module / in the module add this code Sub Open  then hit Enter
  11. In the procedure  (between () and End sub)add this code Userform1. Show(check Userform Name)
  12. Close the visual basic editor
  13. On the worksheet selected, the Insert tab then Shape and add a shape to the page
  14. Right-click the shape / Assign Macro / Select the macro Openme /  click OK


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