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GNU Emacs Download 27.1

Aug 28,2020 - Free Software Foundation (Free)

103 MB (Safe & Secure)

GNU Emacs is a special program that is designed to make a free text editor for PC. This is ideal for coders and programmers who are working with different interfaces and looking for a way to translate and edit their work quickly and conveniently so that it can run in the format of their choice smoothly and efficiently.

Emacs is an amazing, extensible, customizable, best text editor for Windows At its core is an interpreter for the tool Lisp, a dialect of the LISP programming language with extensions to support text editing. The Emacs distribution includes the full source code for the manuals, as well as several the tool Reference Cards in various languages.

Emacs Text Editor Software Free Download

Working with textual content and code at the same time is not something your regular notepad or text editor would be able to do natively. For this reason, those who need to change lines of code inside files and perform advanced operations will need more powerful tools, the likes of Emacs text editor.

This particular software solution offers, from a very simple interface, quick access to a wide variety of functions that can accommodate the needs of programmers and regular users alike. Even if it may seem a bit difficult to get by, the tutorials, manuals, and other accompanying documentation can shed some light on how to use each feature of the program.

Neatly organized in their corresponding menus, the editing commands, and the built-in tools that make Emacs one of the preferred utilities of its kind, cover many actions for all types of content that can be viewed and edited through this application.

There is extensive support for many language environments and you will be able to set coding systems for commands, file names, keyboard, selections, and many more.

Emacs Text Editor For PC

Emacs Text Editor Features

  • Content-aware editing modes, including syntax coloring, for many file types.
  • Complete built-in documentation, including a tutorial for new users.
  • Full Unicode support for nearly all human scripts.
  • Highly customizable, using the tool Lisp code or a graphical interface.
  • An entire ecosystem of functionality beyond text editing, including a project planner, mail and newsreader, debugger interface, calendar, and more.
  • A packaging system for downloading and installing extensions.

Emacs Text Editor

Emacs has a wide variety of other features

  • A limited form of concurrency with Lisp threads
  • Support for optional display of line numbers in the buffer
  • It now uses double buffering to reduce flicker on the X Window System
  • flymake has been completely redesigned
  • TRAMP has a new connection method for Google Drive
  • New single-line horizontal scrolling mode
  • A system user unit file is provided
  • Support for 24-bit colors on capable text terminals

An interesting feature of this utility is the ability to select a folder and read it in order to operate modifications on the contained files. Each you select a document from that directory view, it is treated as a buffer and made available from the dedicated menu.

From the ‘Tools’ area of the software, you can perform searches, compile code, use the debugger or source code parsers, compare files, buffers, folders, regions, and a lot more. The version control section is also fully equipped for a lot of actions one would need to carry out and there is also a sub-menu dedicated to the encryption and decryption of files, keys, or regions.

Pros And Cons of Emacs Text Editor Software

Pros Cons
Fully customizable Comes with a steep learning curve
Free to install and use IDE features need to be set up

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7/8/10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 to 10.15
Linux: Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD

Official Video Intro GNU Emacs Text Editor

Emacs Tutorial

GNU Emacs Text Editor Overview

Emacs Text Editor Download

Technical Specification

Software Name Emacs Text Editor Software For Windows V 27.1
File Size 103 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Opensource
Developer Free Software Foundation


The impressive set of functions that are packed inside the Emacs package are reason enough for the popularity this cross-platform program still enjoys, even if it seems to be tailored only for advanced users.


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