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DVDFab Download For Windows

Feb 19,2019 - Fengtao Software Inc. (Free)

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DVDFab is an all-in-one DVD ripping/decrypting/burning software. In just one or two steps, you can copy DVDs to DVDR/PSP and even iPod. For such a powerful package, it only requires 1.3MB of your hard drive, so it’s not bulky like similar packages.

DVD protection is advancing at an ever-increasing rate but unfortunately for the manufacturers, so are the ripping programs. If you’ve ever had problems copying one of your favorite DVDs then DVDFab could be what you’ve been looking for.

The DVDFab conversion process couldn’t be easier. There are 5 DVD to DVD copy modes available – Full Disc, Main Movie, Split, Customize and Clone. In Full Disc mode, all movies, menus, and trailers are copied to a DVD in one click. In Main Movie mode, only the movie is copied with your specified audio. In Split mode, you can copy a DVD-9 onto two DVD-5 discs but also preserve the original menus on both discs. According to the DVDFab developers, this rare feature is ideal for TV series on DVD.

DVDFab’s handy Customize mode allows you to personalize your DVDs by recording such things as only your favorite scenes, removing adverts or selecting only certain audio tracks. Finally, Clone allows you to make exact 1:1 bit-to-bit copies or even copy games disks such as PS2 DVD’s. There is also a DVD to Mobile option so you can watch your favorite films on your iPod or other handheld devices. Formats available on DVDFab include MPEG-4, DivX, XVID and Mp4.

DVDFab is a tough cookie – even disks that refuse to be copied with other programs can usually be cracked. The customize option allows you to get rid of files that stand in your way and just rip the actual movie. It can also help in recovering scratched or dirty disks that don’t play properly in your DVD player anymore. Ripping speed is remarkably fast with DVDFab – depending on the size of disk, you can record a new one in less than 10 minutes, although the average time is around 30 minutes.

DVDFAB Software

Features of DVDFab

  • Copy any DVD/Blu-ray disc to HDD as DVD/Blu-ray ISO image file or standard DVD/Blu-ray folder;
  • Burn any DVD/Blu-ray disc, ISO image file and standard DVD/Blu-ray folder to blank media, full disc or main movie only;
  • Split/Customize Split/Customize one DVD 9 disc to two blank DVD 5 discs;
  • Merge more than one DVD discs into one DVD9/5 disc;
  • Clone identical DVD/Blu-ray disc;
  • Create self-made DVD/Blu-ray video at home;
  • Convert any DVD/Blu-ray to video files like AVI/MP4/MKV and more;
  • Convert Blu-ray movie to DVD format and burn to blank DVD disc;
  • Convert 2D DVD/Blu-ray disc or other 2D videos to 3D video files like AVI/MP4/MKV and more;
  • Convert 3D Blu-ray disc to 3D video files like AVI/MP4/MKV and more;
  • Convert 3D Blu-ray disc to2D Blu-ray or to SBS 3D Blu-ray;
  • Convert between different video files;
  • Merge multiple DVD titles into one Blu-ray;
  • Fast in speed but outstanding in output quality;
  • Constantly upgraded to the new version to cater to new protections;
  • Timely and professional technical support via E-mail within 24 hours

Screenshots of DVDFab Software

Official Video Intro DVDFab Software

Brief Introduction To The Use Of DVDFab Enlarge AI

DVDFab Software FAQs

What is the difference between Video Converter and DVDFab Video Converter Pro?

Video Converter is to convert video files from one format to another, it is included in the DVDFab 12.

DVDFab Video Converter Pro contains 3 items, which are Video Converter, DVDFab Toolkit, and VideoCruise.


While converting Blu-ray, the FPS slowly becomes "0", what can I try?

While you encounter issue like this, you can try these first:

1. Give Passthrough profiles a try and see if the process can go through or not.

2. Go to Common Settings>General>A/V Codec, tick the “Disable all GPU codecs for decoding and encoding” box and uncheck the option “Enable Lightning-Recoding when applicable (accelerate H.264 software decoding and encoding)” to convert again and see the result.

3. If it doesn’t help, please provide dvdfab_internal.log file and fabcheck_internal.log file to for troubleshooting.


How can I know whether my PC meets the requirement for using Enlarger AI?

Before the process of converting with Enlarger AI starts, DVDFab will check and list the specification of your graphics card, so that you can know whether your graphics card and its memory are power enough or not.


What graphics card do I need if I want to convert with Enlarger AI?

GeForce 10 series and above, with GPU Memory 3GB and above, and Driver version needs to be 410.48 or above.


DVDFab Software Overview

DVDFab Download For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 6.08 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Fengtao Software Inc.


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