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Dropbox Download For Windows 1.3.503.1

Feb 6,2019 - Dropbox (Free)

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Dropbox is a leading personal cloud storage service, it works effectively as a file-sharing platform whether you’re an individual or part of a larger business. No matter what types of files you are trying to share or how large those files may be.

Dropbox Storage Software

Dropbox means that put your images, videos, and documents in one box give access permission (if you are working with the team) to other users. one single user uses as storage and also generate a link.

You can easily transfer files from one computer to another, or access your images, videos, and documents from a mobile device. Better yet, files stored in a Dropbox folder can even be shared with people without Dropbox account login, simply by generating a link to the folder and sending the link to them via email, chat, or Simple Message Service (SMS).

Dropbox competitors like OneDrive, Box and Google Drive are offering 5GB, 10GB and 15GB free storage per month respectively. While there is only 2GB dropbox free storage limit which is far lower than above free online storage services.

Dropbox Cloud Storage features

  • Secure file encryption
  • Automatic device synchronicity
  • Speedy multi-device file sharing
  • Advanced Software Integration Capabilities
  • Offers up to 2GB per month dropbox free storage limit
Secure file encryption

In Dropbox, you can ensure that your files are as secure as possible with advanced security features. It utilizes Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) for file transfer and these file transfers are protected by 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption or higher. When your file data is stored by Dropbox, it is further protected by storing the information into various file blocks that are in turn protected by 256-bit AES encryption.

Automatic Device Synchronicity

You store a file in a folder, that file begins to synchronize with all other devices that you have connected to your account. Whether you wish to transfer files from your work computer to your personal laptop, or from your tablet to your phone.

Speedy multi-device file sharing

This folder has been edited, it is automatically synchronized with everyone else who has access to that folder. It will appear in a Microsoft Office document that is currently being edited by another person and allows you to update the file to its most recent version once changes have been saved. This way, you can ensure that two people are not making edits to a document at the same time.

Advanced Software Integration Capabilities

The personal cloud storage service stands out among cloud storage options because it integrates with other systems. Not only does it have a highly diverse group of integrations, but it’s partnered with some of the most popular companies available. It is integrated with Microsoft and Slack, just to name a few. It even syncs with more comprehensive cloud storage systems, like digital asset management.

The benefits of Dropbox’s assorted integrations are the assurance that whichever type of software your business is already using will be enhanced with this cloud storage. Whether it be the IT department’s software or the marketing team’s tools, It likely has integration with them. This ensures projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Reliability: Your files are is constantly available on stationary computers or mobile devices. File Location: At times, the lack of specific tabs can make it difficult to locate older versions of files or deleted copies.
Ease of use: The file-sharing and group file-sharing features are by far easier to use than any other file sharing application to date. Dropbox free storage limit is up to 2 GB. However, you can earn extra space by encouraging others to sign up. After that, you need to purchase space starting at $10 a month. You can’t earn extra space on dropbox competitors like Google Drive and One Drive.
Digital Downloads: You can use your account for your giveaway items so that you always have the latest version without having to change or upload files to your server. Collaboration: You can add notes and such to a document but you cannot edit in real-time.
History: The unique “History” feature allows users to access previous versions of their files.

Official Video Intro Dropbox Software

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Dropbox Software Download

Technical Specification

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