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Dream11 APK Download For Android 4.26

Apr 17,2021 - Dream11 (Free)

26.5 MB (Safe & Secure)

Dream11 is a free fantasy sports game apk that allows you to build your own virtual teams for a variety of real-life sports and compete against them in your own hosted tournaments. This game, produced by Stic Bold and based on the original online platform created by Harsh Jain and Bhavit Sheth in 2008, allows you to have fun with fantasy sports teams and even compete for prizes against other Fantasy Cricket Dream11 players and their teams.

A fantasy sport is a form of online game in which you can create fictional or simulated teams of real-life professional athletes. These simulated teams participate based on the comparative success of certain players in live tournaments, which have been programmed into the game to add relevance. In fantasy sports, the team owner—or, more accurately, you, the player—can select, swap, and remove players from the team, much as in real-life sports.

Build Your Dream Team

In Dream11, you can play fantasy sports to your heart’s content. Dream11 started in India and allows you to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball through your chosen players. These players are the video game versions of their real-life athlete counterparts. You can’t control them the same way you can with sports video games like the NBA series and the FIFA series, but their real-life stats are used by the game’s AI in order to play the matches for you instead.

All you need to do is assemble your dream team or even just pick two teams that you’ve always been curious about and Dream11 will do the rest. Don’t expect much action, though—Dream11 acts more of a betting game than a video game that lets you watch the matches unfold. And speaking of betting, this feature is what made Dream11 such a hit in India.

How does It work?

On Dream11, you must assemble your own fantasy team of real-life players for an upcoming match. After you’ve formed your band, enter competitions and begin competing!

Your chosen players can win your fantasy points based on their on-field results. The more points they earn, the more points you gain! Make use of your picking abilities to earn real money and make your dreams a reality.

Want to compete with your friends? You can create your own contests, start a group chat, and even earn money for every friend you invite to play on this app!

Keep track of your fantasy team’s performance with our live fantasy scorecard and leaderboard and experience fantasy sports like never before!

Dream11 is a pretty successful platform, especially now with a mobile app. However, you’re advised to only play this if you’re of legal age, as this is pretty much a virtual form of gambling. Fantasy sports like Dream11 are still considered legal in most places since you need some measure of skill to win your matches but you’re still pretty much-betting wagers of real money. If you like creating virtual teams and testing them, however, this is an acceptable alternative to some of the other fantasy sports games.

Pros And Cons of Dream 11 Fantasy Sports Game

Pros Cons
Easy to use Only for 18 and above
Daily rankings No play-by-play animation of the matches
Lets you win money No other popular sport included
Includes cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball The poor internet connection can disrupt wagers


Fantasy Cricket Dream11 App Features

  1. Registration/log-in: New Users can register and login to the application using their username, email ID, phone number, password, and referral code from friends.
  1. Home Screen: After logging in with the app, the user will land on this is the main screen. All the information regarding the matches and tournaments is displayed here.
  2. Contest: Here, users can see the complete contest listings for the matches with details like Contest Name, Contest Type, Entry Fee, Winning amount, and Winners Count.
  3. Payment Modes: It enables the users to make online payments gateway using credit/debit card, net banking, e-wallets, or cash bonus points.
  4. My Contest Details: Users can create their contest by submitting an entry fee, which is calculated based on the total winning amount and size of the contest.

Screenshots of Dream11 APK Download

Dream11 App FAQs

What do you understand from Fantasy Sport?

Fantasy sports are online games, permitting the participants to play a virtual game or a virtual season of any sport. In this sport, players virtually gather and form a virtual team of actual players of an ongoing professional sports event. These virtual teams compete with each other based on the real players’ statistical performance in actual games.

In fantasy sports, the participants act as the team’s general manager as well as field manager where they can buy and drop players, similar to real sports.


Is it safe to add money to Dream11?

Adding money to your Dream11 account is both simple and safe. The Dream11 team have many different payment options enabled on Dream11 and work hard to ensure that your personal details are safe with us.

What’s more, after you verify your personal details, you can withdraw the money that you win on Dream11 directly to your bank account.


How Dream 11 works?

It provides a single-match daily fantasy sports platform for sports lovers where they can leverage their expertise and exhibit their abilities in a specific sport which in return offers winnings, points, cash prize, and rewards. It enables users to form their team consisting of real-life players for future matches after comparing their score points based on their on-field performance.


How many teams can I create per match?

11! That’s right; you can create 11 different teams and join contests with more than 100 spots.  Make every team count and keep enjoying your fantasy sports on Dream11.

Contest size Teams you can enter
1 to 10 spots 1 team
11 to 100 spots 6 teams
101+ spots 11 teams


What happens if a Test match is drawn?

If a Test match is declared drawn with neither of the teams completing a single inning, the match will be cancelled and the entry fees will be refunded in under 2 hours. If a Test match is declared drawn with either team (and not necessarily both) completing a single inning, the match will be considered to have completed and the entry fees will not be refunded.


Where do I check my Dream11 account balance?

From the ‘My Balance’ tab. You’ll see your account balance in 3 categories:

Deposit – Cash you added to your Dream11 account, and haven’t used it yet to join any cash contest

Winnings – Amount you earn by joining (and winning) cash contests

👉 Cash Bonus – Amount added to your Dream11 account as a freebie that can be used to join more contests. This one’s on us! 😀

PS: You also receive a confirmation email on your registered email ID with your transaction details for each successful transaction.


Dream11 Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
4.14.0 18 Feb 2021 26.5 MB Download
4.8.0 18 Feb 2021 26.5 MB Download
  • MPL Pro
  • FanFight
  • MyTeam11
  • Ballebaazi
  • Howzat

Dream11 APK Download Latest Version Overview

Dream11 APK Technical Specification

License Free
Version 4.26
Latest update 18 Feb 2021
File Size 26.5 MB
Languages English
Developer Dream11


Dream11 APK is an Indian fantasy sports platform that allows users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, kabaddi, and basketball.


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