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Drawboard PDF -PDF Markup Software For Windows Download 5.34.9

Sep 21,2021 - Drawboard (Free)

107.69 MB (Safe & Secure)

Drawboard PDF is a PDF Markup lightweight productivity tool that enables users to take full control over their PDF files and enhance them with built-in tools for annotation. Optimized from the ground up to work perfectly with touch-based Windows hardware (such as touch-equipped laptops and tablets), this application manages to impress even business users who require a large number of advanced tools to make any app suitable for their daily workflow.

This is a reader, annotator, and editor optimized for Windows tablets and touch screens. It provides a huge host of features, basic to advanced, and is particularly notable for its extensive stylus support, from back-of-stylus erasing to changing stroke width and color.

Since this paid application aims to satisfy both home and business users, it is not strange to see that Drawboard PDF can do almost anything imaginable with PDF documents. It can reproduce all types of PDF files with 1:1 accuracy, and unlock powerful editing tools to copying and extracting data from other Windows apps, annotate, draw shapes, save changes and provide an easy procedure for sharing changes with other users.

Drawboard PDF Software For Windows DownloadHowever, because of the large number of tools and services that are offered, some users will have to spend some time learning how to take full advantage of this app. But once this is done, Drawboard PDF can indeed become the one and only PDF management app for even the most demanding users such as architects and designers who often handle and annotate a large number of PDF files per day.

The best and most engaging feature of Drawboard PDF is its touch-friendly interface that can masterfully handle both finger and stylus inputs. Many tools of the app are optimized for easy access while in touch mode, enabling users to very quickly manipulate PDF files, annotate and highlight, copy and delete data, write and erase whatever they want, add sticky notes, and of course, draw in freehand or add predetermined shapes. Once finished with editing, the entire PDF can be “flattened” into a new PDF file that is ready for sharing.

While the interface of the app is streamlined for fast and easy access to all of its tools, some UI elements can prevent users from drawing and annotating across the entire document’s surface. In some rare cases, the app can also experience stuttering, hanging, and even crashing. The app is still in development, with many fixed and new features expected to be added over time.

Drawboard PDF is a premium app that is primarily focused on delivering a wide array of tools to experienced and demanding users and is specially optimized for touch-friendly devices. The app is optimized for all versions of Windows OS, including Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Drawboard PDF To PDF Markup Software For Windows Features

  • Smooth and natural ink using a pen or active stylus – feels like real ink. Customize stroke, pressure-sensitivity and color settings
  • Toggle between using a stylus/pen and finger touch to perform annotations on any PDF
  • Text review markup – freehand highlighter, text highlighter, underline, strikeout, squiggly on PDF
  • Insert shapes – cloudy tool, rectangle, ellipse, line, arrow, polygon, and polyline on PDF. Also, insert images and camera photos onto PDFs
  • Insert signatures, notes, images, and text
  • Create new blank PDF documents of different sizes, colors, orientations, and page count. Insert, rotate and delete PDF pages
  • PDF bookmarks, print PDF, search PDF, markup history, and share PDF
  • Flatten PDF annotations
  • Open, read, mark up and save multiple large and complex PDF documents at the same time
  • Edit, write, annotate, ink, and draw on PDFs. Customize and edit annotation colors, widths, opacities, etc on PDF
  • Various document layout and view modes, including night mode
  • Pin PDFs to your start screen, and pin local folders within Drawboard PDF for quick access

Drawboard PDF PRO Toolset

  • Document Builder – Merge, re-order and arrange PDF documents
  • Calibrated Annotation – Calibrate your document to scale and add linear and area measurements
  • Protractor – Measure and rule ink at precise angles – compatible with Surface Dial
  • Grid and Line Templates & Overlays – Select from a range of grids and lines to enhance the precision of your markups
  • Engineering Line Styles – Create dotted and dashed lines on your PDFs

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Huge variety of annotation tools Small problems with the interface
Stylus and finger touch support are both top-notch Can be unstable
Can be used to create new PDFs


Screenshots of Drawboard PDF – PDF Markup Software For Windows 

Video Tutorial of Drawboard PDF For PDF Markup Sofware 

Drawboard PDF Software Tutorial

Drawboard PDF For PC Software FAQs

What Is Flatten and How To Use Flatten Annotation?

Flattening is the action of committing an annotation to the PDF to ensure it is no longer editable bt external parties, upon opening the document.

How to flatten annotations

From the selection menu

  1. Select the annotation or annotations you would like to flatten
  2. The selection menu will appear.
  3. Click the three dots in the selection menu
  4. This will bring up a modal
  5. Click flatten
  6. Click confirm

The annotation will now be flattened and this cannot be reversed. The annotation will no longer be editable in any way.


Flatten all annotations

  1. Navigate to the left-hand side menu
  2. Click on the More menu
  3. Click on annotations
  4. Click flatten annotations
  5. Confirm the action


What Is Canvas?

The canvas is your workspace, the place where your documents open to.

When you open or create a document it will be opened for you to view on the canvas, form here you will be able to:

  • Read your documents
  • Review your documents
  • Mark up your documents
  • Manipulate your documents
  • Upload your documents
  • Share your documents

The simplicity of the canvas combined with our unparalleled inking technology, you will get the closest pen and paper-like feel on a digital device.


How To Create Documents From Canvas?

Drawboard PDF is the best software that helps you to create your own document. Follow the steps to create documents on canvas.

Creating a blank document

  1. Navigate to the canvas to the tab bar
  2. Click the ‘+’ button
  3. Click create a blank document
  4. Choose the document name
  5. Choose the page size
  6. Choose the number of pages
  7. Choose the orientation – portrait or landscape
  8. Choose the page style
  9. Choose the page template (link to pro article)
  10. Click create document
  11. Your document will open on the canvas


What Is The Use Of Sorting In This Software?

When you have many documents it can be hard to navigate your way through them, so we have included a handy sorting option for your documents.

Sorting options

You can sort your documents by:

  • Last modified– this sorts the documents by the last document that was modified, whether that was by you or someone else.
  • Last modified by me – this sorts the documents by the document that was last modified by you
  • Last opened – this sorts the document list by the document that was most recently opened
  • A-Z – this sorts the document list alphabetically from A-Z
  • Z-A- this sorts the document list alphabetically from Z-A


Drawboard PDF For Windows Overview

Technical Specification

Drawboard PDF Download
Version 5.34.9
File Size 107.69 MB
Languages Multiple Languages
License Paid
Developer Drawboard


Drawboard PDF is an excellent choice for any construction, architecture, or engineering business that needs its employees to edit PDFs. Its extensive suite of annotation tools and natural inking capabilities come together to let it replace pens and paper. The three day free trial is more than enough time to determine whether its problems with interface customization and speed are a deal-breaker, so trying it comes highly recommended.


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