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Zona is a full-feature online streaming video with the torrent client for delivering multimedia content right on the screen of your home desktop or laptop PCs. Built on top of fast and reliable P2P technology, users of this free and fast media entertainment application can enjoy the vast amount of content ranging from movies, TV shows, live TV channels, Sports competitions, all the way to incredible variety of music, online radio streaming and even games, delivered to you live and without the need to download files before you can start enjoying them. You can start streaming your preferred or newly discovered content as soon as your internet connection has made the initial file segments available for Zona’s powerful media decoding engine.

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It is an application to provide you with some entertainment opportunities like movies, dramas, series, sports, and action. It allows you to stream videos based on the P2P protocol, which enables sharing between the individuals. Radio stations, movies, videos, sports, and games are some of the different fields that you can access through this application.

You can expect around 6000 movies, 300TV channels, and 5000 episodes of different TV series. Even 500 radio stations, online gaming, and live sports are always available for users.

You can easily browse different categories to find the content that is most suitable for you. The browsing process is not tiresome because of the simple interface. Additionally, the availability of filtering options to search the right content is also one of the reasons for the easy accessibility of this application.

It provides you access to all sorts of entertainment on a single platform. Therefore, you can choose your favorite, movie drama or sports channel to enjoy your time.

The two strongest points in Zona’s arsenal are its intuitive interface and an incredibly large database of content.

The interface is based on a modern layout that allows fast access to all the most commonly used browsing and media playback tools. The app showcases fast and simple to use tabbed interface on the left (Movies, Serials, Games, Shows, Live TV, Music, Radio, Sport, Downloads, Notifications, and Settings), a large media browsing canvas with large thumbnails and descriptions, and unified search tool located on top. With very little resources required, this client can run on even older PCs and weaker laptops, providing almost all PC users access to large online entertainment space.

The database of Zona for Windows PC is impressive, and easily outmatches the offerings of similar apps that distribute similar media entertainment to the masses. As of early 2020, it features over 90 thousand movies (from blockbusters to documentaries), 10 thousand series (from worldwide hits to international genres), launcher for 1400 modern games, over 150 live TV channels from largest markets and territories in the world, over 1 million hours of music, 550 radio stations, and a wide variety of living and pre-recorded sports content.

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Zona Online Torrent Client Software Features

  • Fast client: The download of movies and series is very fast thanks to millions of Zona app users.
  • Design: Three themes — choose the one that suits you best.
  • Free and Fast: All media entertainment on your computer for absolutely free with no viruses, trojans, or malware. Fair and square.
  • Watch online: Download from any websites with the app and watch before the download is complete.
  • Notifications: Subscribe for upcoming movies, series, and sports broadcasts, so you don’t miss them.

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System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7/ 8/ 10
Storage Space 650 MB free space for the ZAERO home directory 1.0 GB free space for the runtime database directory

Technical Specification

Software Name Zona Software For Windows V
File Size 62.75 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Zona Team

Zona For Desktop is a 100% free torrent client and is optimized for all modern versions of Windows OS. Be aware that some of the content available in this app may be subject to the copyright laws in your country, and that certain content will require users to log in using their VK.com credentials.

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