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Formerly known as Xvirus Personal Guard, Xvirus Anti-Malware is the best anti-malware software security tool designed to help you keep your computer at bay from the various threats and infections that can attack it from numerous sources.

If you think your device is malware-infected, this software lets you system scan or flash to detect and eliminate all infections easily. And real-time protection means malware would not be removed from your PC but it prevented from entering your system. And the best part is that all of these features are free. Also, you would not have to put up with adware, ads, etc. for the free service. Moreover, the free service comes with a zero time limit.


The application is not only good-looking and intuitive but also performs the job quite satisfyingly. It offers several protection shields for your files, system, and network, along with a periodically updated database. Each protection shield can be activated or deactivated separately.

XVirus Antimalware Software Free Download

There are three scanning modes available: quick, which verifies critical locations for any infections (such as the Windows directory), full, which checks your entire hard drives to be thorough, as well as custom, which gives you the possibility to shift the application’s attention to specific files and folders.

Why you choose Xvirus Best Anti Malware Software?

Already have anti-virus software installed? 

It is not the same as your common anti-virus solution, it was designed to block threats which your current anti-virus solution may not detect. This means you can use it alongside your current security software. Anyone can freely use Xvirus Anti-Malware by simply downloading and installing it.

Scan your computer easily!

Do you think your computer is infected with malware? With a click of a button, you can do a flash or system scan to detect and remove all infection found by Protect your computer in real-time!

Unlike other anti-malware solutions, The best anti-malware software offers real-time protection for free. Because better than removing malware from your computer is preventing it from getting there.

Brand new Xvirus Auto Mode!

Do you want protection but are tired of constant pop-ups and annoying decision? Activate now the brand new Xvirus Auto Mode and let it do all the hard decisions for you.


Xvirus Anti-Malware Software Features

  • Free: It includes a completely free version. No ads, no adware, no time limit!
  • Compatible: This software was designed to run alongside your current anti-virus.
  • Light: It uses low system resources allowing you to save more for other programs.
  • Anti-Malware: It protects your PC from malware in real-time!
  • Anti-Adware: It was designed to remove adware from your computer!
  • Anti-Ransomware: It includes Protection against ransomware to fo your computer and files!
  • Easy to use: The simple user interface makes Xvirus Anti-Malware easy to use for everyone!
  • Automatic Updates: This updates itself automatically in the background!
  • Minimum Requirements: Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
    .NET Framework 4.5 – Download

XVirus Dashboard

It comes equipped with quarantine for isolating infected files from the rest of the computer, giving you a safe space for analyzing the items, and deciding whether you should permanently remove them or restore them to their original location (in case of false positives).

During scans, files flagged as infected by the tool that you consider to be safe can be excluded from the current and future scans by adding the objects to a whitelist. This whitelist can be later re-evaluated, though. Also, you can check out log files with the program’s activity (history), such as the exact path of each identified malware file

As far as scanner settings are concerned, you can disable heuristics and pick the scan priority as well as instruct the tool to scan only executable and exclude any other file types, stop creating scan logs, or check only larger files. Tasks can be scheduled to run automatically.

Additional options can be configured for the file guard (e.g. heuristics, .exe files only, on-access scans), system guard (e.g. monitoring startup entries and ransomware activity) and network (e.g. disable Windows Firewall).

xvirus personal guard

Comparison of XVirus Anti-malware Software

Features Xvirus Personal Firewall Xvirus Anti-Malware
Compatible with other security products* Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protects your computer in real-time against malware No Yes Yes Yes
Protects your computer against ransomware No Yes Yes Yes
Scans your computer for any signs of malware No No Yes Yes
Network Protection and Monitor Yes Yes No Yes
Password Protection No Yes No Yes
Check your computer status on our online dashboard   No Yes No Yes

Pros And Cons of XVirus Best Anti-malware software

Pros Cons
Protects from all types of malware Reputation and trustworthiness could be an issue
Free tool Full system scan can take quite some time
Works alongside any other anti-virus tool May not be completely effective
It automatically updates itself May have compatibility issues with other anti-virus tools

System Requirements

Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10.

Technical Specification

Software Name XVirus Anti-malware Software For Windows V
File Size 2.8 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Xvirus


Xvirus Anti-Malware is an easy-to-use anti-malware solution with practical protection shields and configuration settings. It’s designed to keep your computer clean and prevent it from being attacked by hackers.

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