TreeSize Disk Space Analyzer

TreeSize Free Software is a program that can show you which files take up the most space on your hard drive. This tool can also be installed as a portable product. In other words, you could place TreeSize on a removable device and directly run the executable file on any computer. Also, your Windows registry entries would remain unchanged.

Even in the times of cheap terabytes, a final truth remains: Sooner or later every hard disk will near capacity. But there is help! TreeSize Free Software tells you where precious disk space has gone.


TreeSize Software Free Download

The freeware can be started from the context menu of a folder or drive and shows you the size of this folder, including its subfolders in an Explorer-like fashion. Large folders can be identified at a glance thanks to the gradient bar displayed in the background. All scan results can be drilled down to file level and filters, e.g. for files of a certain type, can be applied.

The user interface of the software consists of a standard window with files displayed in treeview mode, in descending order (according to their size). If you hover the mouse cursor over a particular file, you can view its size, permissions, folder, date of creation and last modification, allocated size, path length, number of size, full path, directory level, owner, and more.

It scans network drives and locally synchronized cloud shares (except on Windows servers and within a Windows domain) – just like TreeSize Personal!  The column view presents more detailed information for each file and folder. Here you will find the size or number of files as well as the last access date and the owner (and other useful facts). Scan results can be broken down with the flexible filter feature. You can use the filters, for example, to find files of a certain type, such as temporary files, text files or images and use this information to clean up your hard disks.


Main Key Features of TreeSize Software

Efficient Disk Space Reporting: Scan your volumes in seconds and see the size of all folders including all subfolders and break it down to file level.
Quickly Clean Up Your Disks: With the integrated Windows Explorer context menu and the usual keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly get rid of unwanted stuff.
Stunning visualization: See the distribution of the used disk space at a glance with our customizable treemap chart.

Find Space Hogs – Clean up Hard Disk Space

  • Break down hard disk space usage right down to file level: an Explorer-like overview shows the size of all subfolders.
  • Use the treemap chart to visualize disk space usage.
  • Scan network shares and cloud drives.
  • Visualization of folder sizes via a colored bar in the background facilitates easy orientation.
  • TreeSize Free Software displays all files and folders compressed with the formats LZX and XPress as well as NTFS compression rates. Whole folder branches can be compressed via NTFS.
  • Access your disk space manager at any time: TreeSize Free Software can be started from the context menu of folders or drives.
  • Start TreeSize Free with administrator rights and scan files you cannot access without opening them. Data protection guaranteed.

Quick Overview over File Information

    • Filter scan results according to different criteria and according to the patterns you create. Patterns can be matched as wildcards, regular expressions, or whole names. The filter preview shows the impact your patterns will have.
  • Switch between simple view and column view at any time.
  • The column view offers detailed information about files and folders: size, occupied disk space, number of files, last access, owner, etc.

Fast Scans

  • TreeSize Free uses the Master File Table (MFT) for scans of local NTFS drives and thus guarantees ultra-fast scans.
  • Without MFT access and on network drives TreeSize Free scans the file system with two parallel threads (up to 32 in TreeSize Professional).

Expert Scan Result

  • Use the export function to print the results of your scan.
  • Alternatively, scan results can be exported to PDF format.

Other Features of TreeSize Software

  • Several exporting and reporting possibilities: Printed report (showing the directory structure), Excel, HTML, XML, text file, clipboard.
  • TreeSize Pro is able to save its data to an XML file and to load it again later.
  • A saved XML file can be used to compare it against the current version of the file system branch. The difference between the two scans will be displayed and makes it easy to see which folders have grown.
  • Support for Unicode file and folder names.
  • Statistics about file types and file owners on the directory level.
  • High performance through Multithreading: Scan and view several folders at the same time, Automatic adjustment of the number of threads that are used for a scan.
  • See all details (size, allocated, wasted, percent, files) at a glance.
  • The visible columns can be configured separately for the TreeSize Pro window, Excel export, HTML Export, Text export, and printed reports. A lot of optional columns are available.
  • A shell extension is included that adds an additional TreeSize column to the Windows Explorer that is showing the size not only for files but also for folders.
  • 3D bar and pie charts can be displayed or printed
  • Values are displayed in the form: 1,234,567.0 kb. The number of decimals and the unit (KB/MB/GB/mixed) is configurable
  • The contents of a directory can be printed, including all files and the corresponding icons
  • The integrated multi-path file search helps you to find and archive the largest, oldest, obsolete and temporary files, e.g. invalid shortcuts or files owned by a non-existent account.
  • You can search disks for obsolete files (like temporary files, browser cache files, etc.) and for very large files
  • Full support for NTFS compression (the compression rate is displayed too)and for symbolic links of NTFS5.
  • Ability to scan folders to which the current user does not have access to.
  • A list of all files in the scanned file system branch can be exported.
  • Small folders can be removed from the tree to have a better overview.
  • Command-line options allow scheduled scans. An integrated wizard helps you to set up scheduled scans.
  • Help file and printable manual

TreeSizeFree-Dark Mode

It works on the MFT (Master File Table) and reaches extremely high scan speeds. Scanning operations run in a thread, so you will see results almost instantly while TreeSize Free is working in the background. The Explorer context menu and drag & drop operations are supported within the application. TreeSize Free can display the NTFS compression rate and apply the NTFS compression to directory branches.

Startup Tree Size Free as an Administrator to calculate the size of all folders – even directories for which you do not have access permission. Since the content of the files will not be read automatically during this procedure, Windows security and data privacy remain guaranteed.

Additionally, you can view error messages during scanning, choose colors for the size indicator in the background of the folder, set a filter to include only certain file formats, enable the option to force the scan to run on one thread only, and more.

The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and includes an incomplete help file (which mostly focuses on describing the program, not its functionality). One of the main advantages of TreeSize Free is that it integrates itself in the Explorer context menu, so it is easy to access.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Technical Specification

Software Name TreeSize Software For Windows V 4.4.1
File Size 9.8 MB
Language English
License Free
Developer JAM Software

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