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TopTracker enables team leads and individuals to effortlessly track progress with transparent and intuitive reports. The only Free Time Tracking App Designed Specifically For The Freelance Community. It allows everyone—freelancers, managers, and entire teams—to use extremely high-quality time tracking software in their daily operations with maximum flexibility.

It is a very attractive time tracking app that allows you to accurately track your performance and the time spent on various projects and tasks, making it especially useful to freelancers aiming at hourly-paid jobs.


TopTracker Software For Windows

Even though TopTracker is by no means the most feature-packed service of this sort out there, it does have one major advantage over some of its competition, namely it does not require synchronization with any freelance platform in order to work.

TopTracker for Desktop version is a lightweight program that helps you keep track of how you spend your time. Users can enable tracking for their own projects or for projects to which they are invited by other team members. Basic time tracking can be done using the web app, but it is highly recommended you download the desktop application to enable activity level tracking, activity descriptions, screenshots, or webcam shots.

It is an absolutely free, stand-alone app, and does not require you to be locked into any freelance platform. It has been carefully designed to stay out of the way as much as possible, while still giving the freelancer full control over what gets tracked and how often.

The best time tracking app that tracks the time spent on each task and records when there are any keyboard or mouse clicks so that it can enter “idle” automatically when you are gone and provide insight into basic activity stats. Note that it will never record anything you actually type or click on. The app can also record screenshots or webcam shots if you choose to enable such.

The basic concept behind TopTracker is quite simple: create projects, add team members if you like, and track your work. Of course, monitoring progress while working online is all fine and dandy (it’s capable of recording keystrokes and mouse clicks, for example), however, it can also help you track your activity on your computer’s desktop thanks to clients for Windows, macOS, Debian, and RPM.

TopTracker Software For PC

TopTracker For Free Time Tracking App Features

Effortless Time Tracking From Any Device
“You need to concentrate on your work and not spend your time on complex time tracking. We get that, which is why we made the application unobtrusive and easy to work with from any device. We even introduced hotkeys to allow you to quickly start, stop, and manage your time tracking.”

Centralized View Of All Projects
Whether you’re a manager looking for ways to improve your team’s performance or a freelancer integrating into a team remotely and looking to optimize your productivity, information on the software is always clearly laid out and easy to digest. The tracker web app features a simple, uncluttered design with all key information visible at a glance.

Full Privacy Control For Freelancers
TopTracker for PC gives you full control over what you keep track of your activity, with options including simple time tracking, screenshots, or webcam shots.

Detailed Productivity Reports
Easily identify areas for improvement with real-time summaries of your productivity across projects and your team’s performance.

Freelance Platform Agnostic
Top Tracker works for all freelancers, regardless of the platform you use to find jobs.

100% Free and No Limits
There are no superficial limits on the number of projects or users you can configure.TopTracker Projects For Free Time Tracking App

The team can be focusing on the Windows desktop application and, straight off the bat, You’ll state that this is a very well-designed product indeed. Featuring a compact, clear-cut, and intuitive GUI, working with TopTracker is hardly a challenge as there are two main sections one for housing and managing the projects, and one for manual time entry purposes.

The app does not disappoint in terms of features either. Head over to the desktop app’s Preferences section, and you can choose the tracking interval, the idle timeout period, as well as control the frequency at which the app should automatically take screenshots of your activity.

Additionally, you can configure the utility to blur both the screenshots and the camera shots before the upload. The last section within the Preferences window displays a couple of useful keyboard shortcuts which can also be changed, of course.

Naturally, all the collected data is neatly centralized and can be accessed from the web app. The web app itself is also pretty nifty, and it indexes information in four main sections, Projects, Reports, My Activities, and Web Tracker. By far the best feature of TopTracker is the detailed productivity reports which can also be exported to CSV or PDF if you wish.


System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7/8/10
Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 to 10.15
Linux: Debian OS

Technical Specification

Software Name TopTracker Software For Windows V
File Size For Windows: 11.9 MB
For Mac: 18.5 MB
For Linux: 21.0 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer TopTracker, LLC

Conclusion of TopTracker

TopTracker for Free Time Tracking App is actually a much more extensive tool than you might be initially lead to believe. Alongside its desktop Windows client, It promises enough flexibility to be of use to both individuals and small teams, and, let’s not forget, real-time tracking capabilities smoothly backed up by comprehensive reporting features.

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