Tera Term Terminal Emulator For PC

Tera Term is the terminal emulator for Windows, that supports serial port, telnet, and SSH connections. Among many other features, it also has built-in Macro scripting language. This software is often used to automate tasks related to remote connections initiated from PC.

It is known as the abbreviation ‘TT’ that was created in 1994 in Japan. The original author of the app was Takashi Teranishi. He was the one who put in place the “backbone” off the application that allows him to develop it further today – over a decade later.


Tera Term Software For PC

It was released as freeware and won the “Online software grand prize 97” competition held by the Japanese tool portal Madonomori in 1997.

It has been popular among engineers in Japan and all over the world for many years, but not being developed since 1998 it slowly started to become out of date. The program got compatibility issues with the latest versions of Windows, was lacking SSH2 protocol support, etc. There were several plug-ins like IPv6 and transparency support developed by different users however they did not address all the issues and could not be distributed as a new version of TeraTerm as this would require permission from Teranishi san who was not easy to reach.

Tera Term sports a clean interface that allows users to perform multiple actions on the go. You are allowed to select the host, and port, and pass one or more commands to the connected Telnet or SSH host.

There are several authentication and encryption modes available for the built-in web server, as you may activate HTTP listening mode, select the IP address and port, and select a connection via HTTP or SSL.

Tera Term Emulator Setup

Tera Term  Terminal Emulator For Windows Features

  • Serial port connections.
  • TCP/IP (telnet, SSH1, SSH2) connections.
  • Log replaying.
  • Named pipe connection.
  • IPv6 communication.
  • VT100 emulation and selected VT200/300 emulation.
  • TEK4010 emulation.
  • File transfer protocols (Kermit, XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM, B-PLUS, and Quick-VAN).
  • Scripts using the “Tera Term Language“.
  • Japanese, English, Russian, Korean, and UTF-8 character sets.
  • UTF-8 character encoding.
  • Message catalog.


You can add a certificate name and password file, allow incoming requests, enable the creation of status reports, and select a remote connection or disconnection. The results and the error log can be exported to HTML.

It works as a facilitator between web-based application servers and any remote Telnet/SSH host, you can use this application to control and monitor any program that has a Telnet-based interface.

Pros And Cons of Tera Term Terminal Emulator For Windows

Pros Cons
This open-source terminal emulator is free to download and modify. This bundle is highly technical in its nature.
It is able to work with most major terminal protocols and port connections. Bugs might still pop up from time to time.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Technical Specification

Software Name Tera Term Software For Windows V  4.105
File Size 12.12 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Tera Term Project

Conclusion of Tera Term

Tera Term proves to be a handy application that allows the connection to any remote Telnet or SSH hosts. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to working with this application, and it is also light on your system resources. Thanks to its useful features and clean layout, the program can be mastered by beginners and experts alike.

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