Supremo Remote Desktop Software

Supremo is a powerful, easy, and complete solution for remote desktop software for Windows control and support. It allows you to access a remote PC or host a Meeting in just a few seconds. There’s no need to install it or configure the routers.

It is light and easy-to-use but includes everything you need to provide or receive technical support. It can be installed as a service and works without configuration even behind a proxy server.


Supremo Remote desktop Software

In order to connect to a remote computer, you need to enter the ‘Target ID’ provided in the main window of the app installed on the host PC, along with the corresponding password, then to press the ‘Connect’ button.

Note that the host’s user still has control over their machine, so there can press the ‘Stop’ button at any time and disconnect you.

In a matter of seconds, Supremo will display the remote computer’s desktop, allowing you to perform a variety of operations on it, with a delay of just a few seconds. You can view it in ‘Full Screen’ or as a regular, resize the window, so you can carry out other activities at the same time.


Supremo Remote Desktop Software For Windows Features

Light and easy-to-use
The app is a free remote desktop software to provide remote assistance to customers. Supremo is constituted by only one executable file that is very small and doesn’t need any installation. In just a few clicks you will be able to provide – or receive – support through the tool.

No router/firewall configuration
The program uses a powerful data transfer protocol that allows you to connect to remote computers behind routers and firewalls without any configuration. The software doesn’t need any installation or setup and its connection is extremely secure thanks to its integrated encryption.

The app allows multiple users to connect to the same computer. This can be very useful when you need to do complex assistance sessions or when you need to do an internet presentation. For example, your customers can connect at the same time to a computer in your company and see a presentation of your products and services.

The tool offers an easy solution for demonstrations and remote courses: Meetings. Hosting a meeting, you can share your screen without giving control to the other users. Feature available only to the subscriber.

Drag & Drop file transfer
The program provides an integrated file transfer application, that allows you to explore the disks of the remote computer and transfer files and folders in both directions. You can send a folder from your PC to the customer’s PC with a simple click, or you can download a file/folder from the customer’s PC to your local PC.

Security and protection
The tool is a secure and reliable application. All the data transferred through the Internet is encrypted with the AES 256-bit algorithm. In addition, a random 4-digits password is generated at every control session. It’s also possible to specify a much stronger password to protect your machine and block specified IDs.

All the subscribers of the tool plan can customize the executable for free and distribute it to their customers. Discover how to customize the app with the Supremo guide.

A lot of useful features
This tool provides a lot of useful features in order to simplify your job. You can install the tool as a Windows service, to make connection always available in the background. Furthermore, it includes an integrated chat application that allows you to chat with multiple users while you are connected for remote assistance.

On the top edge of the host PC’s desktop, you will be able to access a pop-up menu, where you can choose the actions you want to perform. From this location, you can also disconnect from the remote computer.

You can enable or disable certain visual aspects on the host PC, such as display the wallpaper. Using the ‘Enhance Color Depth’ feature, you will be able to eliminate the distorted colors of the background or other images from the target computer.

With the ‘File Manager’ tool, you can send or receive files, simply by drag and dropping them between the panels corresponding to the host and client computers. The ‘Chat’ feature of Supremo lets you communicate with the user of the host PC, being able to quickly exchange information.

supremo Login

Pros And Cons of Supremo Remote Desktop Software

Pros Cons
Extremely easy to handle The image quality of the remote control is not that good
It does not need installation Susceptible to interference
It allows multiple clients to simultaneously connect to the server File exchange can be slow
Password and encryption-protected connection Less impressive frame rate

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10

Technical Specification

Software Name Supremo Remote Desktop Software For Windows V
File Size 7.5 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Nanosystems

Supremo Remote Desktop Software For PC is an advanced application that allows you to perform numerous remote control operations, while also enabling you to transfer files between your work and home computers with ease.

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Download Software For PC