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Strata Design 3D CX is an influential 3D modeling software, rendering, and animation for advanced PC users that was one of the pioneers of 3D designs and still remains one of the leaders in the fields of all-purpose 3D modeling, photo-rendering, and streamlined interface and direct integration into workflows found in modern architecture, film industry, video games, multimedia, illustration.

Originally released on the market in 1989 as one of the first PC desktop 3D Modeling software, it quickly became one of the largest software companies in its home state of Utah, US. After more than 3 decades on the market, It evolved with the times and adopted all the latest technologies, services, and tools needed to empower designers and artists to take full control over their rendering projects. In its last version, the app gained full compatibility with High Dynamic Range standards, 64-bit and expanded memory handling, lighting improvements, and ability to export objects to some of the most popular 3D printing services.


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Strata Design 3D CX Features

Simplified 3D Learning Curve

Strata Design 3D eases the learning curve for 2D designers who are new to 3D. Quickstart templates, libraries, predefined effects, backgrounds, environments, and more allow designers to create complex scenes in minutes. With a user interface and tools that are familiar to today’s 2D designers, you invest your time learning 3D design concepts rather than a new design paradigm.

Photo-Real Images & Animations at Blazing Speeds.

It is well known for its extraordinary rendering technology. Whether you’re after photo-realistic results or some other style for your static or motion graphics, you will find the rendering options to suit your needs and output the results using one of the fastest rendering engines in the industry. After all, it’s all about the final results and Design 3D delivers.


Sophisticated Lighting, Backgrounds & Cameras

Scene composition is a critical step in producing stunning images. This software makes easier to control the environment than any photography studio you could imagine. Position your 3D objects and then place lights, reflection panels, cameras, backgrounds, environments, reflection elements and more to produce a superior final render or animation for your design project.

Apply Surface Textures with Precision

In the world of 3D, texturing may just be the most important component in creating convincing final renderings. Once you have designed your 3D model, Strata Design 3D CX gives you powerful tools to create, apply, and manipulate surface textures with beautifully accurate results.

Model Anything – or Import Existing 3D Assets

For many, the thought of 3D modeling software is a daunting task. Design 3D offers an extremely friendly modeling toolset and environment for manipulating your polygons, splines, and primitives into any 3D object or scene you can imagine. If you’re working with existing 3D assets, Strata Design 3D CX utilizes a host of filters and options to accurately import third-party 3D models and scenes.


Strata Design 3D CX prides itself on adopting a streamlined learning curve that can easily transform 2D designers to 3D space, enabling them to quickly adapt to new techniques for mastering advanced 3D design. This is enabled by the promotion of quickstart templates, predefined effects, libraries, environments and backgrounds that can be used to quickly set up brand new scenes in minutes, with easy to use user interface and procedures that don’t waste users time.

Finished projects can be rendered into final scenes using advanced Embree raycasting technology by Intel, exported as 3D print-ready scenes or objects, virtual reality powered by HTC Vive headset, and transformed into augmented reality scenes.

However, you’ll have a hard time managing tool, with a few issues in functionality having an impact on practicality. Elements can take long to load or provide feedback, while values used to determine object shape and parameters aren’t too intuitive.

When your work is done, there’s a powerful renderer at your disposal to view a high-quality representation of the environment. In addition, file support is impressive and you can import and export under formats compatible with other tools like 3D Studio Max and Adobe Illustrator.

What’s Next 3D Modeling Software

  • Boolean fixes to deal with reports of boolean objects not displaying in the modeling view or in renderings, as they did in previous versions.
  • Several fixes for the polygon editor dissolve function.
  • Fix for crash when dissolving vertices. This process can still take a long time if large quantities of vertices are selected.

Overview of this software

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 10

Mac: Mac OS X 10.10 through Mojave (10.14). (MacOS Catalina not yet supported/in development)

Processor Pentium 4, Athlon, Intel or better
Memory 4 GB of RAM (more highly recommended)
Storage Space 1.7 GB of available hard-disk space for full installation
Display Resolution 1024 x 768 capable display

Technical Specification

Software Name Strata Design 3D Software For Windows V 8.0
File Size 3.8 GB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Strata

This 3D Modeling Software comes with a powerful set of tools, both for visual and functional manipulation. However, the application is a little rough overall, starting with interface elements that either seems to get stuck or refuse to open, to different issues that can take a little too much time of getting used to.

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