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Live streaming is being more popular and growing rapidly in every corner of the world. Either you are a nub content creator to showcase your creation to the world or you are a professional studio who streams live content, and that is only your main source of income, The main issue is to find the most suitable streaming software for you. SplitCam is powerful stream studio broadcaster software. With SplitCam you can stream directly to Twitch.tv, Youtube, Facebook, and e.t.c. at the same time, with minimum CPU load… and also you can add webcam, screen, game or many cool effects to your video stream.


What is Splitcam?

The name of the program consists of two words – Split and Camera. Why it’s so? The answer is very simple. Initially, the program was designed to solve a problem with the exclusive use of a webcam by applications in the Windows operating system. If you are not aware of this problem try to connect your webcam to Skype and right after this connect the webcam to Facebook Messenger.


SplitCam webcam software offers cool webcam effects for having more positive emotions during video calls with your friends! Additionally, SplitCam is the easiest way to split your webcam video stream. With SplitCam you can video chat with all your friends, SplitCam is also live video streaming software – stream your video to any IMs and video services and all this at the same time!

Use your webcam in several applications without receiving a “webcam busy” error. Believe your webcam can do more!. Mix audio sources (mic, an audio file, etc.) in one audio stream. With Split Cam, your webcam will work in a new way!

Additionally, SplitCam is the easiest way to split your webcam to several programs like Skype, Google Hangouts and Facebook Messenger at the same time.


HD video broadcast

Stream video to a few stream channels at the same time, from your HD camera and other video sources, without video quality loss. Select needed resolution manually.

Many video resolutions support
Select needed resolution manually from most popular resolutions list: 320×180, 320×240, 400×225, 400×300, 512×384, 640×360, 640×480, 800×600, 960×540, 1024×768, 1280×720, 1280×960, 1400×1050, 1600×900, 1600×1200, 1920×1080, 1920×1440, 2048×1536

Virtual webcam and video spliting

Splitting to multiple sources and feel free to use your webcam in several applications without receiving “webcam busy” error. You can mix your webcam with any video sources, like: screen, video files or images and splitting to any programs you want at the same time.

Video recording

SplitCam allows you to record your live streams, video calls, conferences, With the click of a button, you can record your video in any resoltuion and with many video formats, you can save it in your PC or cloud. It’s the most practical way to record videos, tutorials, and live streams in general.

Desktop screen share

Share your desktop screen live or record it to deliver it to your stream channels or to virtual video driver. SplitCam allows you to select your PC screen as a video source for your video calls, streams, and recordings. You can capture your entire screen, specific apps, custom areas, games windows, or minimized windows.

Realistic 3D Masks
Replace whole your head with some 3D object. Just imagine virtual elephant or some other animal.

All popular services support
Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Yahoo messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Camfrog, Gtalk, YouTube, Justin.tv, Ustream, CamZap and Chatroulette, ooVoo, and more

Streaming to popular services
SplitCam webcam software allows live video streaming to Livestream, Ustream, Justin.tv, TinyChat and other services in few clicks and using all SplitCam features. Make your streaming more bright and flexible!

Use IP camera as a source
Connect to any IP camera and send it as a video source instead of your webcam to IMs and video streaming services.
Useful little video features
Record your video without special professional software and upload it to YouTube in a few clicks directly from SplitCam window!
Color adjust stream
You can change the colors of your video, include skin smoother or blur settings, you can also change contrast, brightness, sharpness. Using these functions, the quality of your video will improve, which will make your live streams more popular and interesting.
Scene switching
You can create several different scenes with different video and audio sources and switch between these scenes during your broadcast or split your video.

Zoom video feature
Zoom your video in the app and stream only needed part of it.

Audio Mixtureaudio-mixing
Mix audio sources (mic, audio file, etc.) in one audio stream

Cool webcam effects 
Add effects to your webcam video in video chat and have fun with your friends! It’s a real positive emotions source!
Conclusion: Splitcam has everything to satisfy all your needs starting from live streaming, broadcasting, presentations and game streaming to the world. Enjoy!
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