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Nowadays, The Music platform software in recordings is growing popular all the time. For this reason, mixers are now getting their own audio interfaces too. The PreSonus Capture Studio application is designed with an attractive GUI along with several tools for making live recording management much easier. Studio Live mixers are just one example.

Even though the program comes with a single-window interface, the GUI is well-organized, clean and easy to navigate, so it is unlikely that you can encounter any issues. You will be happy to learn that the app requires as little configuration as possible, particularly since the recording track is automatically patched with the corresponding inputs in the FireWire return of the mixer.

Presonus Capture

As far as editing is concerned, the utility packs several handy tools that enable you to select sections that you can improve and that you want to cut completely out of the recording. The other editing features worth mentioning include looping, eraser tool, bounce selection, meter bridge or the link button that allows you to record the track as a stereo interleaved file, for instance.

PreSonus Capture Live Recording Benefits

Edit Tracks and Develop Live Mixes

The interface of the program has one window. Despite this, it has a well-organized GUI that is simple to use and navigate with. You shouldn’t have any problems while using it. Also, you won’t need to configure the app much because the recording track is patched automatically in conjunction with the inputs of the mixer’s FireWire return.

When it comes to editing, this application contains numerous useful tools that let you improve certain sections. You can also use the tools to cut out sections too. Additional editing features include an eraser tool, looping, meter bridge, and bounce selection. There is even a link button for recording the music track as a specific file type, such as a stereo interleaved file.

Strong Virtual Sound Checking

PreSonus Capture has a virtual sound checker that can help prevent problems. For instance, it can reduce the chances of band members arriving late or not at all. Also, if your artists ever complain about monitor mixing not being that great, this feature can help there too.

Another notable feature of the application is how it lets you export mixes into various file formats, such as WAV or AIFF. There are different sample rates and resolution options available for them. These audio files can be stored on a regular audio CD-ROM. Each file will be a WAV that has a 4.1 kHz sample rate and 16-bit resolution.

Great for StudioLive Users

If you work as a sound technician and do sound checks prior to the start of concerts, you may be getting help from a StudioLive mixer. If so, then you can receive additional help from the PreSonus Capture utility.

Record-ready with one click.

PreSonus understands that running front-of-house sound can be stressful, even without recording the show—so this software made sure that Capture doesn’t complicate things. All you need to do is click “Record Now” to start recording every input and a mix of your choosing via Capture. Preconfigure Artist Name and Venue fields in your Capture preferences and your new session will be named and stored in a folder structure organized by date and time, so you never have to search your hard drive for a misfiled session.

Live Recording Tool

Soundcheck with or without the band.

Capture and the StudioLive digital mixers are the only hardware/software solution with a truly automated Virtual Soundcheck. Virtual Soundcheck mode in Capture allows you to open previously recorded sessions and instantly begin to dial in your mix by engaging the Digital Returns on your StudioLive digital mixer for you

Easy live recording.

As the first live recording software of its kind, Capture was built to be rock-solid—and thousands of users will attest to its reliability. Record Lock is automatically engaged as soon as you hit the record button, preventing accidental keyboard strokes from interrupting your recording. The Prerecord option lets you capture audio up to a full minute before you even press the record button! Auto-Save stores your session at regular user-definable intervals. And as a final measure of safety, Capture displays disk performance and remaining record time in real-time so you can monitor your computer’s performance as closely as you monitor your input metering.

Live Recoring Software

Everything you need at a glance.

Capture’s single-window user interface puts all the controls you need right beneath your mouse. Customization features like track color help to organize large sessions. Track colors are shared with their corresponding channels on StudioLive Series III console mixers and inside UC Surface, so you can identify recording sources at a glance.

Integrated recording.

Capture runs both on your computer and natively on StudioLive Series III console mixers’ SD recorder. And with Capture 3, these sessions are now interchangeable. Audio recorded in Capture 3 for macOS® and Windows® can be loaded on an SD card to use for a Virtual Soundcheck on gigs where you don’t want to bring your computer. Capture sessions also open natively in Studio One with all the edits, track names and colors that were created in Capture.

Integrated Recording

PreSonus Capture Live Recording Features

User Interface

  • One-click recording with Record Now button
  • Virtual Soundcheck mode makes doing a soundcheck using previously recorded material as simple as clicking a button
  • Session Lock feature prevents accidental keyboard access
  • Essential editing suite (copy, cut, paste, splice, resize)
  • Big Meter mode turns your monitor into a gigantic meter bridge
  • Stereo Playback mode—use Capture with any computer soundcard
  • Peak LED-style meter bridge with clip indicators

System Requirements of Presonus Capture Live Recording

Operating Systems supported:

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor Intel Core 2 processor (Intel Core i3 processor or better recommended)
Memory 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)

Technical Specification

Software Name Presonus Software For Windows V 3.0.3 Build 56558
File Size 49.5 MB
Languages Multiple Languages
License Free
Developer PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc.

In the eventuality that you are a sound technician regularly in charge of sound checks before concerts and you are using a Studio for live recording mixer as aid, then PreSonus Capture is a utility that can lend you a hand with taking care of common tasks.

Download Software For PC

Download Software For PC


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