Do you like to monitor your system and its health on occasion? If so, then you should consider installing the CAM app and placing it on the startup menu of your Windows operating system. NZXT CAM is designed to keep track of your PC’s functioning parameters. It manages to monitor the functioning parameters of your PC and displays written notifications when the computer requires your attention. Download free PC monitoring and overclocking software for Windows.

The Dashboard hosts information about the temperatures, the usage rates, and the fan speeds of the CPU and the GPU, all displayed in real-time. Additionally, CAM shows details concerning the hard disk and the RAM memory.


It’s important to know that the Dashboard only shows you a brief overview of the computer’s parameters. More detailed graphs are found in the ‘Advanced’ area, where you can check the CPU status (core clock, voltage, fan) and take a closer look at every core.

NZXT Cam Software For PC

How to Get Started of Free PC Monitoring Software

You need an account before you can install and use CAM. You can create a new account or login with a compatible social media account like Facebook.

After a small introduction, you’ll need to customize a few options like the color of the interface and the name of the computer. Once that is done, the main window of NZXT CAM is displayed. You can navigate the interface using the provided tabs. They’re easy to access and well organized.

PC Monitoring

NZXT Cam Free PC Monitoring Software Features

Track your every aspect of your PC

NZXT CAM empowers you to see what your computer is doing, from processor load to bandwidth consumption. It also lets you know what applications are making use of every part of your machine. You can quickly track down any issues to ensure that you’re getting the optimal performance out of your computer.

System Graphs and Information

On the CAM dashboard, you’ll find data regarding the usage rates, fan speeds of GPU & CPU, and temperatures. This information is shown in real-time. Also, CAM displays information about the RAM memory and hard disk.

The dashboard will only display a small amount of information about the parameters of your computer. If you need detailed graphs of this data, go to the “Advanced” section. Here, you can view the status of things like the fan, voltage, core clock, etc. You’ll also see information regarding the RAM load, motherboard, network traffic, and SMART attributes of the hard disk.

lightingOverlocking and Monitoring Games

Another great thing about NZXT CAM is that it lets you monitor gaming sessions in real-time. This means you can play a game that uses up a lot of system resources while seeing the specifications of your PC simultaneously. This allows you to test the performance of your system and find components that you may have to replace later. It runs during gameplay and displays performance metrics like the FPS rate.

It has options for optimization and tuning. You can utilize these options, but it can be risky for your computer. Try to understand how much GPU overclocking can impact your computer. Track your FPS, temperatures, bandwidth, and more with low-impact, super-stable in-game overlay.

CPU performanceA second unique feature is that it tracks the performance of HUE+ lighting systems, GRID+ fans, and Kraken coolers. During installation, remember that you need to choose the corresponding modules if you want the components to be recognized by the application.

Historical PC Information is Saved on a Cloud

People love the program for its optimization and monitoring options. Even though screenshots can be taken of the main window as you run the application, it is also good to export the data too.

Historical information about your computer’s primary components can be saved to the cloud and accessed whenever you want.

CPU History

With both PC monitoring and optimization capabilities, CAM might fancy to many. Although it is possible to take a snapshot of the main window from within the application to share specifications with others, it would not be a bad idea to allow data exporting.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7/8/10

Technical Specification

Software Name NZXT Cam Software For Windows V 3.7.7
File Size 99.1 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Freeware
Developer NZXT Team

Not only NZXT CAM displays information in real-time about the main PC components but it saves the history to the cloud so that you can access it anytime.

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