Mylio Photo Management And Organizer Software For Mac


The Mylio is the Photo Management Software For Mac One app to collect all of your photos, videos, and documents into a single library, automatic photo organizer into the visual story of your life. It brings all your photos together into one convenient library. No more hunting through your phone, social media, and computer to find the one photo you want. Then the app helps you to organize your collection so you can easily find, view, and share your photo memories. In a world of digital clutter, Mylio for macOS makes it easy to organize and enjoy the photos of a lifetime.

Mylio is a comprehensive app designed to help you gather all the relevant photos together into catalogs and events that meant so much to you and your loved ones.



It keeps all your photos on all your devices so your pictures are at your fingertips. It even works without the internet, so you can manage your photos anywhere. The program is especially great for people with cameras because it organizes photos from your phone and camera in one easy-to-navigate library. Available for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android.

Mylio is built to keep your photos private, protected, and with you all the time. You get peace of mind knowing your photo memories are always safe and always yours. With the photo app, your photos are stored on your devices, so you’re in complete control.

If you’ve already spent time wito into folders, It lets you import your current folder structure, saving you valuable time. Changes you make to Mylio from any device are reflected on all your devices, so you always have the most current version of your library. And if you ever switch to another photo manager, you can easily move your entire library – folders, photos, and metadata – to the new system.

System Requirements of Mylio Photo Management Software For Mac

Operating System Mac: Mac OS X 10.13
Window: Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor  Core i5 processor
Memory 8 GB OF RAM.
Storage Space 64 GB Free Hard Disk Space

Technical Speicificaion

Software Name Mylio Software For Mac V 3.11
File Size 164 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Mylio, LLC

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Mylio Photo Management Software for Mac Features

  • Find Photos Fast: Skip the endless scroll and find photos fast. It helps you bring your photos together and organize them so they’re easy to find, view, and share
  • Save Storage Space: Sync thousands of files to your devices using a fraction of the space. That frees you up to take even more photos.
  • Organize with Face Recognition: Find family and friends with face recognition. It helps you tag thousands of pictures in minutes so you can organize and rediscover photo memories from the past.
  • Access Photos Offline: Mylio lets you access your photos offline, so your photos are always at your fingertips. Any offline changes automatically sync once your devices see each other again.
  • Edit on the Move: It makes photo editing both simple and mobile. With the image software, you can edit photos even without the internet. Turn photos you like into photos you love.
  • Protect Your Photos: The app is designed to keep your photos safe by storing them on your devices. You’re in control of the process.

This software is to helping you find the photos you would like to use for your project, the application comes with an editor that enables you to tweak and enhance them. For starters, the tool provides you with several presets for each picture.

However, if you are not content with the results, you will be happy to learn that you can play around with various values, including, but not limited to shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, contrast, highlights, exposure, sharpen vibrancy or saturation.

Once you are happy with the results, you can tag people and add locations so that you minimize your workload the next time you need them. Alternatively, you can create Events and Catalogs with the ones you enjoy the most or have a certain thematic.

Video Tutorial of Mylio Photo Management Software For Mac

Regardless of whether you are looking for a creative way to organize your photos or perhaps are working on a gift for an anniversary or celebration Mylio can help you organize, edit, and creating something unique out of your pictures.

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