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Mipony is a feature-full and the best download manager for PC, that specially designed to download automatically from free hosting websites like Rapidshare, Megaupload, Hotfile, Gigasize, Filefactory, Mediafire, and Netload. With this one of the top internet download manager, you will enjoy much comfort when you download the files. Mipony takes care of everything. It goes automatically to the website hosting file, waits the necessary time, and initiates the download of lots of files, one after another automatically. It works with free and premium accounts of Rapidshare and Megaupload and free accounts of many other hosters.

Mipony is a download manager that allows you to automatically detect and process the download links from web hosting websites. You can use the application in order to manage all files for downloads and to organize the files on your hard disk.


Mipony Software For PC

As said it is a very useful and the best download manager for PC that monitors the Windows clipboard and automatically adds the detected links to the download list. You can also use the browser from the program interface in order to open a certain webpage and to scan it for compatible links. If multiple links are detected you can select the ones that you want to download.

The downloads can be started directly from the Internet Explorer’s interface if you choose to integrate the application in the context menu. All the detected links are automatically checked in order to view if the file is available. The program prompts you to agree with the website conditions and to enter the CAPTCHA characters required to start the download.

You can store the login information for Premium accounts in the program’s Options window, but it can download the files even without a paid account. If the website requires a waiting period, the program starts the download immediately after the time passes.

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Mipony – The Best Download Manager For PC Features

Continuous download
Once the link has been added to the download list, the files will be downloaded while you navigate and if you close the download program, the downloads will be restarted when you start the program again. Possibility to give priority to files on the waiting list. Control how many files can be downloaded simultaneously from each server. Many of the files hosted in free servers are divided into parts, the app has the option to join the downloaded files (HJSplit). The software can capture from the clipboard individual links or any text that contains any number of links.

Download attempts
If by any chance the file shows an error during the download, the app will be in charge of performing the necessary attempts automatically until the file is downloaded.

It has an embedded browser from where the download links are detected. Automatic update of the database with the sites supported. The tool updates automatically to keep working with files download sites and it is constantly adding new sites to the supported websites. The tool can analyze full sites looking for links, indicating if they are still available in the server to be downloaded or if they have been erased. It allows the configuration of Flashgot to send links to the app.

In a bar format to launch downloads from Firefox and Explorer directly to the app or to open the site that is being viewed in the browser of the tool.

Remote control
This product has a web interface to control it remotely. With the web interface, you can view the downloads and manipulate them, and also you can enter the captcha codes remotely. The web interface design is adapted for both desktops and mobile clients.

Captcha Trader Plugin
With this plugin, you will have access to the captchas decoding system developed by captchatrader.com. CaptchaTrader solves captchas for you so you don’t have to. If you earn credits by solving captchas then you can spend them later when you need them.

It can handle multiple files for downloading from more that one website at the same time. The program has the ability to pause the download and to resume it later if the website allows this action. You might encounter errors for the websites that require a CAPTCHA authentication.

The download speed depends on your Internet connection but you can optimize the program behavior by adjusting the number of simultaneous downloads and the maximum download speed. You can use the scheduler in order to start all to stop all downloads at a specified time.

With three simultaneous downloads, the program needs about 110 MB of memory. The processing time is not significant and it has no impact on the computer performance. However, you can adjust the performance by reducing the number of downloads or file segments.

This download manager pc utility always on the top of the feature list that downloads a lot of files from free hosting websites. You need to look for another program if you need to manage downloads from other websites.

FAQ of Mipony For The Best Download Manager For PC

How do I extract files that I download automatically?​

In the advanced options, It gives the option to enable “Automatically extract rar files after downloading them”. Once this option is activated you can specify what folder the files will be stored in once they are extracted. To extract rar files after they are downloaded, a password is sometimes required. Mipony has compiled a list of passwords for extracting files that grow automatically with successfully used passwords. If none of the stored passwords works, Mipony will request one. After requesting a password from the user, Mipony tests all the passwords on the list, so if you download a lot of files that have the same password, Mipony will only request it the first time.


How to control Mipony from other PC or mobile phones?

You can activate Mipony Remote Control from the Options window. In this window, first set the password that you will use to enter remotely. Then there is marked 8080 as the port for remote control. You have to open this port in your firewall or router. Once enabled, Windows may ask if you want to unlock access to Mipony, it must be accepted.

If you don’t know how to open the port on your router you can look at this website where there are guides for most routers http://portforward.com/ Once you’ve followed these steps, click on the “Local Address” you can check if it works from your computer, and in the “External Address”, you’ll get the address that you must use to access from other computers or from your mobile phone. Write down this address and write it on the other PC or mobile phone web browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome) to access remotely.

Remote Access Details

How to download Youtube and Vimeo videos?

Mipony recognizes Youtube videos. If you want to download Youtube videos, you only need to copy the link and click on “Paste and Detect Links” in the “Add Downloads” screen.
Add Youtube Link

After this step, Youtube detects the links and checks if are available on the server, in that case, they have the green check and will be marked automatically for downloading. If you don’t want to download any of them, you just have to uncheck it.

Next, click on “Download Selected” and Mipony will download the video to the default folder. If you click on “Download Select to Folder”, Mipony will ask you on which folder you want to download the files.

Select Video Quality

You can choose the quality you want to download the Youtube video in the window that will open automatically when the download starts.

Check Download Process

Then, the videos will be added to the list of downloads which can be seen in the “Downloads” screen.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Framework .Net Framework

Technical Specification

Software Name Mipony Software For Windows V 3.1.0
File Size 400 KB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Mipony Team

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