MacDroid To Transfer Files From Android To Mac

If you are looking for transferring files from Mac to Android or reversible like Android to Mac, that isn’t a big deal now. We have a very good solution; MacDroid is one of the best options to transfer files, music, images, and large videos between your android and Mac devices, you just need to have a USB device and start moving data easily between your devices.

Transferring data between iPad or iPhone is not a matter of worry but, the Mac system has it’s own regime and doesn’t compatible very well with other OS like Android run devices. So, when it is a matter to work with Android, you may have legit, third-party cloud storage service. Here, you would ask about the speed, because taking from third-party cloud storage is a slower process and even need to upload files on the cloud and later download files from the cloud, which means you have to do some repeated work. Very few would like it to do this type of extra effort when you have a handy tool is available, almost free!

Because, technologists are working days and nights to make things easier, Otherside the demand is for an easy and faster process rather than going to the cloud and uploading-downloading the same data.

Here, you have MacDroid for all those smooth data transfer that fill the gaps of different OS and transfer files/data from Android to Mac, simply and easily!

Here, today I will explain how to transfer photos from Android to mac with the help of MacDroid in some easy steps.macdroid for android to mac file transfer

Android to Mac File Transfer with USB Connect

It is just pretty enough and no need for any specific cable or cloud storage, MacDroid will work smoothly whenever you connect the Android device to the Mac system via USB.

Well, after installation of the MacDroid, open it, and access to devices option in its main menu, make a connection between your Android device to Mac.

Once the device connected, select ADB or MTP connection mode and follow all instructions to the Mac system to access to the Android device data. Once the connection established, search the device in the finder folder and start data transfer between the Mac and the Android device.

What software required?

As explained above, MacDroid works as a bridge between, Android and Mac systems for data transfer such as images, videos, music folders, and anything else. To use MacDroid you need at least macOS 10.10 or later version. There are no other requirements for Android or MTP devices.

MacDroid’s role is to clubbing between Android and Mac. You can easily work with it to transfer videos, music, images, and large folders from Android to mac. To utilize MacDroid effectively you should have at least macOS version 10.10 or any later updated version.  At the same time, there isn’t any specific requirement for Android or MTP devices.

MacDroid Utility

As we have seen earlier that MacDroid works as a thread between two different OS to enable data transfer without any extra efforts. But, there are more than that inside.

On your Android device, you can also mount internal and external memory storage. The first benefit you will get is that you can read your MicroSD card without going out of the Android device, even able to edit files. Ultimately you can save your time and efforts to edit files, which you have to do if working with cloud storage or other similar plugins.

How to use MacDroid to transfer file from Android to mac?

First of all, download and run MacDroid on your mac system, no more installation required on your Android device then. Once you launch MacDroid, you will see an easy and simple interface with all features and an understandable process to set up the MacDroid. Now to work with this tool, enable USB debugging mode on your target Android device. Even, the same you can do from the developer menu. You can find the developer menu in your setting app section on your phone.

After enabling USB debugging, now you will be asked to plug the Android device in. You will find an interface there that would prompt you to use the USB debugging. Here, select the option “always for this computer”. MacDroid will start showing from here and turn the android device available in the Finder.

Reasons to go for the pro version?

MacDroid is free for 7 days to test it before you made the final mind to go for the Pro version. The paid version is just on a throwaway price of $1.67 per month! As we knew, in the 7-day free tenure,  you can only move files from the android device to mac but not from Mac to Android. Here in the pro version, you can do transfer files both sides, like here from there and there from here. (mac to android and android to mac)

Even, with the pro version, you are able to edit files in place on the android device. Moreover, you will get the all updates and patches regularly to keep your MacDroid up to date.

MacDroid Video Tutorial

Conclusion: MacDroid is a powerful suite for your data transfers with the two most popular OS in the market, Android, and Mac. It is value for money for all those who are engaged in Android and Mac with their regular tasks to transfer and edit files from here to there. The pro version is more user friendly.



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