Kinza Browser

web browser is normally used to access the internet. There have been several web browsers introduced throughout the years. One good example is the Chromium-based browser called Kinza. It was designed to satisfy the navigational demands of end-users.

The standard method of reaching the Internet is through a web browser. Some managed to make a name for themselves over the years, but this doesn’t make them the best candidates for your needs. For instance, It comes as a Chromium-based web browser with an emphasis on satisfying end-user navigation needs.

Kinza Browser

One of the first things you need to know is that Kinza is based on Chromium, the same engine which powers Google’s web browser, namely Chrome. As such, updates are constantly delivered to provide access to the latest features and security measures. This is the first stepping stone towards granting this software the necessary trust.

Since it’s Chromium-based, it benefits from most of the features found in Google Chrome, if not all. However, it’s carefully made to reflect the personal experience, somewhat different than what Chrome provides. It comes with its own set of configurations, including different features than Google’s alternative.

Some of the default features worth mentioning are the favorites and bookmarks manager, which can also be accessed through an intuitive side panel, RSS reader, download manager, search engine configuration, possibility to handle startup pages, account manager, as well as the Incognito Mode.


Kinza Browser Features

Strong Navigation

Kinza 64 bit is Chromium-based, which means it has the same engine running it as Google Chrome does. As a result, the updates flow steadily and give you access to the newest security enhancements and other features. If you like Chrome, then you should like this browser.

The browser shares many of the same benefits as Chrome because they’re both Chromium-based. But one thing that is different is the user experience. There are different configuration settings in the internet browser, which will surprise Chrome users.

A few default features include the bookmarks manager, favorites manager, RSS reader, search engine configuration, account manager, and download manager. There is even an Incognito Mode too.

Reflects the Voice of the Users

Kinza Browser satisfies every one of your browsing demands. What makes the program unique is the influence of the users’ feedback and voice. It is a community that is highly active in the development side of things. They’re always checking, building, and testing new features and creating a build from them.

Once users request certain features, they’re developed for the application and included in the official release. The mouse gesture feature was one of these suggestions. Certain gestures cause various actions. You just need to keep the right mouse button held down on a page. As you make your gesture, the middle of the page has a preview of the result.

You can save plenty of time with the feature “Super Drag” if you’re searching for certain terms on the internet. You’ll just be dragging a chosen phrase or word to the main window of the app, and then a new page will come up along with search results. The default search engine you choose will be the basis of the search results.

You can quickly access certain features with the Side Bar. When you expand it, you’ll see some icons which let you immediately access the RSS reader, favorites manager, and history viewer.

How to use RSS Reader in Kinza Browser?

Set Rss Reader In Kinza Browser
1. Update button: Updates the feed information. If there are new feeds of updated articles, they are added to the list.
2. Settings button: You can configure RSS reader settings from this button. Click this button to configure RSS settings.
3. Add Feed button: Click this to add new feeds to the RSS reader.
4. Feed list: Shows a list of the registered feeds. Next, You can create folders to manage feeds.
5. Article list: The articles contained in the selected feed or folder are listed here.
6. Change the presentation style: Changes the presentation style of the article list. You can select any of the List, Extract, and Detail styles.
7. Search box: Enter a keyword and search the registered feeds.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows: Windows 7/8/10

Mac: macOS 10.13 / 10.14 / 10.15

Technical Specification

Software Name Kinza Software For Windows V 6.3.0
File Size 56.9 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Freeware
Developer Dayz Inc.

This is one of the few web browsers which is designed around the demands of the users. The end-users’ demands are focused on here and then satisfied with future updates and content. This makes the browser one of the most user-friendly browsers available. Kinza browser that aims to not only listen to you but also try to respect your demands. It attempts to focus on what the end-user needs, updating itself exclusively with content for a more flexible, friendly experience.

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