KeyShot – Best 3D Rendering Software For PC

KeyShot is a professional 3D rendering solution aimed to provide businesses of all sizes with reliable, fast, and scalable modeling and rendering software solution for the creation of eye-catching and visually stunning animation, still images, real-time ray tracing scenes, color libraries, material templates, toon-shading, and many more services needed in modern marketing, project development, engineering design, and visualization. Built from the ground up to be fast, accurate, and capable of delivering stunning visuals, KeyShot has found its fame by focusing its workflow on real-time 3D designing, powerful tools, and fast rendering.

KeyShot Best 3D Rendering Software For PC


What does 3D Rendering mean?

Rendering is the process involved in the generation of a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image from a model by means of application programs. Rendering is mostly used in architectural designs, video games, and animated movies, simulators, TV special effects, and design visualization. The techniques and features used vary according to the project. Rendering helps increase efficiency and reduce cost in design.

KeyShot is a comprehensive utility developed in order to provide designers with a reliable means of rendering 3D models and creating animations.

The program offers a wide array of tools and functions, allowing you to go from a sketch to a real-looking image of an object, in a matter of moments.

KeyShot can work with a variety of formats, so you can import the 3D model file that you want to work with and start adjusting its appearance. You can use over seven hundred real-world materials from the extensive ‘Library’ the program includes. It features glass, metal, paint, liquids, cloth, plastic, wood, and many others, each with their individual properties and textures.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor INTEL Pentium 4 processor or AMD or better
Storage Space Minimum 2GB hard disk space
Screen Resolution Monitor resolution of 1024 X 768 or greater
OpenGL Version OpenGL 2.x or higher
Graphics Card Any graphics card
Network Connection Internet connection for product activation

Technical Specification

Software Name KeyShot Software For Windows V 10.0.198
File Size 801 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Luxion, Inc.

Download Software For PC

Download Software For PC

KeyShot Best 3D Rendering Software

After several major upgrades, the modern version of this app has adopted many advanced tools that can help designers to much more quickly realize their vision and finish their projects without having to rely on external apps. These tools include things like built-in image-editing tools (with full support for curves, tone mapping, and color adjustments), an advanced cutaway feature that can remove layers from your design and for example showcase the internal components of your object, multi-layered optics for more realistic emulation of camera lenses, and much more.

With the ability to easily handle scenes with several millions of polygons and built-in tools for precise manipulation of textures, surfaces of materials, lighting, and shadows, Key Shot has managed to grow into a fully-featured product for industrial visualization, architecture, illustration, visual effects and much more. It also supports a wide variety of plugins, enabling it to become directly integrated with many of the most popular 3D modeling software used today.

You can pick between few license options (HD, Pro, Pro Floating, and Enterprise), but be aware that more premium versions of the app come with a very high price tag. Similarly, like many other apps from this segment, you can also download and test a fully-featured version of Key Shot via a FREE trial license.

Video Tutorial of KeyShot Best 3D Rendering Software

The ‘Animation‘ function allows you to quickly create impressive presentation videos for your products that can offer a holistic view of the object you designed. You can use the ‘Turntable’, ‘Translation’ or ‘Rotation’ feature to display the model, as well as ‘Orbit’, ‘Zoom’ or ‘Incline’ the angle of the camera. Afterward, you can preview your 3D animation and make any final adjustments.

Conclusion of KeyShot Best 3D Rendering Software

With KeyShot, you can create picture-perfect presentations for your 3D models, with almost no experience in the field. This professional piece of software can prove useful for any designer eager to show his masterpiece to the world in an original form.

FAQ of KeyShot For Best 3D Rendering Software

How long does 3d rendering take?

Normally we turn around renderings in less than a week, 3-4 days is pretty typical, but sometimes we get a client that needs something in 24 hours. We can also handle this and turn it around in this time frame without sacrificing quality when needed.

Do I need to install KeyShot Network Rendering Manager and Luxion License Server on the same computer?

No. It is not necessary to install KeyShot Network Rendering Manager and Luxion License Server (Floating) on the same computer.

How can I improve KeyShot’s Rendering Speed?

How to Improve KeyShot’s Render Speed:

1. Reduce your output resolution.
To change your output resolution go to Render -> Render -> Output.

2. Use the Basic preset for real-time lighting.
In KeyShot 6 and later, you may find this lighting preset under Project -> Lighting. This preset provides simple, direct lighting with shadows, which is best for basic scenes and fast performance. Use basic lighting when rendering simple models illuminated by the environment.

3. Use a different render quality setting: Maximum Samples, Maximum Time, or Advanced Control

Download Software For PC

Download Software For PC