How to download and install BlueStacks on Pc (Full in-depth info)

BlueStacks App Player is one of the most popular and fastest performing Android emulator to run your favorite games or apps on Windows and macOS Pcs. Till date, there were more than 250 million active downloads of App Player and still, continue. The amazing Android Emulator has 4 version introduced, BlueStacks 1 (2012), BlueStacks 2 (2015), BlueStacks 3 and the latest version BlueStacks 4 (2018). There is BlueStacks for mac also available.  All versions of BlueStack have widely popular and have a phenomenon response globally. Download BlueStacks old version BlueStacks 3 from here.

BlueStack Tutorial


In this article, we will explain how Download BlueStacks for Windows 10 and install BlueStacks on Pc.

As we talked early that BlueStack enables you to install and run your favorite Android-based games like 8 ball pool on pc and apps like WhatsApp in Windows environment. This step-by-step process of BlueStacks download and installation affects all the versions, users and all Geos.


  1. Open any web browser (Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc).
  • Type in the Address bar “” (without the quotes) and then press the “Enter” key on the keyboard.

Please see and refer to the screenshot below.

BlueStack download and install

  • Click on the Download BlueStacks 3N button.

BlueStacks App Player

  • This will lead you to the download page, where you will click on “Download”.

BlueStacks gaming on PC

  • Once the download begins, you may either save the .exe file in your Downloads folder or specify a custom location for the downloaded file to be saved.

BlueStacks for pc

  • After the download is complete, please click on the BlueStack installer .exe file.

Bluestack installation

  • The set up will start extracting the necessary files to be installed.


  • You will have to click on “Install now” button to start the installation.

Download BlueStacks for Pc

  • The installation may take up to 5 minutes based on how powerful your PC is and how much memory it has available.

BlueStacks for windows 10

  • Once installed, you will get a Complete button. Click once on Complete.

BlueStacks for pc

  • After the setup is complete, the first boot may take 3-5 minutes based on your PC’s performance.
  • In case your PC does not boot and you are notified to restart your engine or restart your PC, please refer to this article for assistance.

BlueStacks download on pc

  • After the first boot is complete, you will be shown a Google Sign-in form to add your account.
  • You can use the username and password for your google domain email account.
  • In case you have a different domain email/non-Gmail email id. Please refer to this article.

BlueStack install

BlueStacks intallation

  • In case you are unable to login or getting an error message, please refer to this article for assistance.
  • If you are able to login, you will land on the Home screen of BlueStacks App Player. You can begin installing and running your favorite apps.

BlueStacks download

Happy Gaming!


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