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Franzis HDR projects for Photo Enhancement that allow you to get the technical best from your photos and practically do all the work itself. Benefit in several ways: Reduce costs on set, edit your images without operating a single controller, and still create images with sharpness as you’ve never seen before! It is the cutting edge of the graphic industry. This technique enables you to enhance your photos, embellish the colors, and improve the overall effect. HDR projects is a complete software solution for photographers who wish to try out this technique.

HDR projects 2020 enhance your photos into Ultra-realistic masterpieces. Like all FRANZIS programs, the setup is simple. First – open a bracketing series. Then you will see the HDR Window and click continue. Now the program has expanded your images into over 100 individual examples!

HDR Projects Software

HDR projects function both as a standalone application and a plugin for established image editing applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. This means you can create HDR images no matter what software you might be currently using.

The application requires some resources to run efficiently, and you can run it only on a few operating systems. The hardware requirements are not high-end, yet you will get better performance with better equipment. Nonetheless, you have a benchmark feature that will let you know how fast you can process images that require tone mapping, geometry, sketching, and so on.

There are many different ways to edit your work in the professional version, and as of now, you can do this within the comfort of Adobe Lightroom! A new extensive Filter Plug-in for Adobe® Lightroom and Photoshop ensure workflow customization in a familiar environment. Simply select your desired image from the Lightroom image catalog, export it to HDR projects 2020 for PC to continue editing, and easily import the result back in when you’re done.

Also, you can download Technical Toolbox Projects Collection – This software bundle contains 4 products of the FRANZIS projects software series! Thanks to HDR, the exposure in this image has been ideally adjusted and the photo caught at exactly the right moment in time. Nonetheless, you want to insert a new sky or manipulate the image in any other way? No problem, remove elements of your image and replace them with features from another using the Composing function from the software.

Ultra HDR Image To Create Ultra HDR Photo

Benefits of Franzis HDR Photo Enhancement App

Modern interface
Have you ever photographed a scene and are surprised that the image looks different and lifeless on screen? HDR technology helps you to fix that! Take several photos in different exposures and you don’t need a tripod! Or, easier still, you can even use a single image. Load your images in the app for desktop and let the program assemble the images. The tool does all the work for you. Simply look through over 100 image suggestions and find the one you like best or further tailor your image to your liking. You won’t find an easier way to guarantee the perfect exposure in your photos!

Finally defined HDR images
The leader in HDR Photo Enhancement App technology has gone a step further. Firstly, an HDR program works with Smart Detail Enhancement (SDE). This intelligent detail amplification recognizes noise or other image distortions in the photo. And this noise information is then excluded during the detail amplification – the actual HDR process. Only information that merits it is strengthened. Blurry HDR images are a thing of the past!

In a matter of seconds, the tool analyses your photos and uses this data to generate more than 100 image improvement recommendations. There is no need to press any buttons, adjust any slide controls, or test out functions. If developing true masterpieces out of your photographs in as little time and as stress-free as possible is what you want to do, you can count on the app every time. The composing function, a highlight of the HDRprojects family, was further developed with the 2020 version. You have the opportunity to give image components modifiable textures.

HDR Project Images

Franzis HDR Project For Photo Enhancement App Features

  • 4K support for the program interfaces
  • NEW: Integrated printing function
  • NEW: 1:1 comparison window with zoom function
  • PRO: Batch processing
  • PRO: Lightroom plug-in & Photoshop plug-in
  • Add-on system
  • Automatic ghost image correction
  • Sensitive selective drawing tool
  • Ultra HDR technology
  • Number of presets = 5×155
  • NEW: Textures & materials

You get a set of effects and algorithms straight from the box. You can process your images with just a few clicks. If you wish to go into greater detail, you can process your RAW images. This provides access to white balance, denoising/sharpness, exposure, details, color, palette, and distortion. You will be able to correct and enhance all aspects of your images.

You can apply post-processing effects in batch mode. You simply add an entire folder of images and the application will automatically detect all viable files. Another useful feature is that you can create restore points, so you do not over-modify projects.

The software provides a lot of features and tricks to alter your images. The application supports add-ons so that you can add to its already extensive pool of features with preset collections provided by the same developer.

It is a complex software that comes with a solid base of features and options to obtain impressive graphics. You can integrate it into other software and thus more easily into your workflow. HDR Projects 7 is a powerful HDR photo editor with great value for money.

Franzis HDR Project Video Tutorial

System Requirement of Franzis HDR Projects

Minimum Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor Core Duo processor
Memory 2 GB RAM
Storage Space 2 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Screen Resolution 1280 X 1024 Pixels Screen Resolution
Graphics DirectX-compatible, 32-bit color depth
Additional Information 32-bit depth color.
Recommended Requirements
Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor  Intel i5 processor
Memory 8 GB RAM
Storage Space 2 GB Free Hard Disk Space
Screen Resolution Screen resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels
Graphics DirectX-compatible, 32-bit color depth

Technical Specification

Software Name Franzis HDR Project Software For Windows V 7.23.03465
File Size 537 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Franzis Verlag GmbH

Download Software For PC

Download Software For Windows


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