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Gyazo is an innovative screenshot and video recorder software that enables users of all knowledge levels to not only quickly and reliably capture screenshots and animations of their desktop area, but also screenshots and video feeds directly from inside computer video games.

To streamline the process of media capture, management, and sharing, this app provides its users access to its cloud storage service that aquatically accepts all captured multimedia and provides a unique URL that can be used for easy sharing via web and online social networks. Be aware that free users will receive URL links that carry your shared media will lead to a webpage that will showcase unobtrusive advertisements.


taking screenshot

Originally developed in 2009 by Toshiyuki Masui, this app very quickly managed to find popularity all around the world. Its name “Gyazo” represents a put on the pun on the Japanese word for “image”.

A simple screenshot can be taken using the “Print Screen” button on your keyboard, however, it can take a little time until you get the end result, and accidentally pressing it again will replace the one you actually needed. You can leave those worries behind because it will assure you that nothing will be lost.

The application lets you get a hold of the desired picture as fast as possible. To do so, not even a main window is available, you simply run the application, drag your mouse around the details you want to include in your image, and it automatically uploads the result to a dedicated server, all of which are stored in your account.

After downloading and installing a small app package that weighs at just over 10 MB in size, you will notice a few new shortcuts on your Desktop. By activating these shortcuts or simply pressing a predefined keyboard shortcut (for example Crtl+Shift+C for capturing still image), you will initialize the process of image or video capture. The app can handle the capturing of an unlimited number of images, gifs, and videos, but there are some limitations placed on the free tier of use.

Pro subscribers to this app get access to the advanced web interface where they can search through their entire history of captures, create the unlimited number of collections, create 60 second long GIFs, 30-second long video captures, and a fully-featured online editor. Premium tier also removes advertisements and adds the ability to set passwords on your captured media, unlocks automatic OCR scanning and more.

Quick URL of Video record software

Gyazo For PC Feature

  • Add notes, arrows, and draw (saving after drawing on captured screenshot disabled)
  • OCR scan – Easily search and copy text auto-extracted from images
  • Password protected image sharing
  • See and show no ads
  • One minute animations (Currently only available for Windows)
  • Premium support
  • Search and browse unlimited image history

With over 1.5 billion uploads of screenshots, videos, and GIFs, Gyazo for Windows PC represents one of the most popular and streamlined micro-media captures and sharing platforms on the market. Simply record what you want, and in seconds you will be presented with a URL link for easy sharing, and if you are interested to expand your toolset with advanced archiving and editing features, only then should you consider premium subscription that costs $5 per month.

Once your image gets uploaded to the dedicated server, a web browser is brought up giving you the ability to share your result on various social network sites. This helps a little, seeing how you are not given the option to directly save the screenshot on your computer.

Comparison of Video Record Software

Features Gyazo Gyazo Pro
Capture unlimited screenshots Right Right
Capture unlimited screen GIFs & videos Right Right
Capture unlimited HD replay videos (Windows only) Right Right
Auto-save source links, filenames, apps, and dates Right Right
Free apps for Windows, Mac, browser, and mobile 10 Unlimited
Captures you can access, browse, and search easily
4 unlimited
Collections you can create and share
7 60
Max GIF & video capture duration

7 30
Max replay capture duration 10 100
Recently visited captures you can access and browse X Right
Edit images with text, arrows, blur, and custom stickers X Right
Get rid of all banner ads for you and your visitors X Right
Export all your Gyazo captures easily X Right
Set passwords for specific captures X Right
See related capture suggestions X Right
Get priority response to any support needs X Right
Search text inside your images with auto-OCR scanning X Right

How to take a screenshot using Gyazo Software?

1. Launch the Gyazo app.

Click the icon on your desktop or press the hotkey combo.

Launch app Gyazo Video Record Software

2. Click and drag your mouse to select what you want.

You can capture anything you see instantly:

Select Area To Capture Screen

3. Release the mouse and Gyazo instantly uploads your image with a unique link.

The long string that makes up your unique link can not be guessed by others.

get unique link of captured screenshot

4. To share an image, simply send the link to people you want to see it.

The link is copied to the clipboard automatically so
you can paste and share the link instantly in places like chat, docs, posts, and tickets.

Video Record Software for sharing images with friends

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Technical Specification

Software Name Gyazo Software For Windows V 4.1.2
File Size 10.17 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Nota Inc.

This Video Record Software does its job well but is not a pro. It tries to put speed above anything else however, having to run the application each time you need to take a screenshot might make you change your mind. Its main advantages are the easy capturing method and the ability to quickly share everything.

Download Software For PC

Download Software For Windows



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