What are Some Good Websites to Download free Audiobooks Online?


An audiobook is great for productivity and brings the joy of good storytelling and add some fun to your day when you are busy but as I ventured out to try listening to audiobooks, The biggest hold back was that Audible a.k.a the biggest source of audiobooks is currently inaccessible in Pakistan and is also a bit pricier than you might suspect, for instance, Stardust by Neil Gaiman currently costs a whopping $23.95 on audible.AUDIOBOOKS

Luckily, I have found some alternatives where I can access thousands of audiobooks for free! The list is in no particular order.


Top websites to listen and download free Audiobooks online


Listen to a Great Book Every Month

Join Audiobooks.com and listen to your first book on us. Once you’ve finished your free trial, you’ll enjoy one audiobook every month for $14.95 (USD). If one book just isn’t enough, you can buy additional credits at any time.

Find a Book and Start Listening

Romance, thrillers, young adult. Fiction, business, and bios – we’ve got them all in our library of more than 125,000 audiobooks. Browse around, check out our recommendations or take a look at what other members are listening to.

Download the App

Download or stream audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet with free apps for iOS and Android. Audiobooks have introduced patent-pending technology that allows their members to listen in a whole new way. Start a book on your smartphone, pick up where you left off on your laptop and even fall asleep while listening on your tablet – you’ll never lose your place. With more than 1,000,000 downloads and counting, you’ll love this website.


On LearnOutLoud.com you can also find great content written about audio & video learning. Over the years LOL has curated a Catalog of over 50,000 of the best audiobooks. BlogOutLoud is an audio and video learning blog which highlights the best of this website, along with the latest and greatest news from the world of audio and video learning.  Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday LOL send out a Free Resource of the Day Email that you can subscribe to for some of the best free audio & video learning resources.  Last but not least, you can browse our Featured Author Pages and our Audio & Video Learning Publisher Pages which provide information on the most popular authors and publishers on this website along with a listing of all of their titles.

Librivox free audiobooks

A public domain site where people volunteer from all over the world by narrating popular books which are free to download. You can also volunteer here to read sections from books if you’ve got a knack for narrating books.

Loyalbooks free audiobooks

Previously known as Books Should Be Free, Loyal books have many audio books in different genres and have a great option to download specific chapters (Because memes need a considerable amount of space okay?). This is a public domain site so you may not find anything different from the others I mentioned here

Free Classic Audiobooks

Although the website is not much to look at visually, Those who like classics can find a nice collection in mp3 or m4b format. Books here are listed by author’s last name for easy navigation.


You can stream chapters or save the zip file containing mp3 for offline use. Personal bookshelves are also available, Bonus!


This is for children who love bedtime stories. You should check this website as it contains compelling stories which can be played and read at the same time with good narration. Fairy tales, Classic stories, and Educational books can be found here for little ones.

  • LIT2GO


Lit2Go offers audiobooks, poems and short stories in a nicely-organized site which also provides some background on each work an abstract, citation, playing time, and word count for each of the passages. Many of the passages also have a related reading strategy identified. Each reading passage can also be downloaded as a PDF.


It’s the classic site for free books that are in public domain. Project Gutenberg is collaborating with Librivox and AudioBooksForFree, Contains both human and computer-generated narration (I personally prefer human narration over the auto-generated one). No registration needed.


This site was discovered randomly while I was scrolling through youtube’s comment section and am I ever glad for this! This is the only website where I could find newly released audiobooks.


Biggest archives of audiobooks collected from different sources contain over 11,000 books. You can also play it on the web page or you can download it to listen offline in different formats and apart from books, this digital library is also providing millions of free movies, software, music, websites, and more.

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Some useful Mobile Apps for Free Audiobooks online


This is an application you can download from Google Play, And I must say this is one of the most useful application on my phone because it can read aloud not only books but basically any text file let it be text or epub or pdf. The narration is auto-generated but with little tweaks and changes in the setting and adding pauses to sentences and with options to change the accent, It can almost sound like a human is narrating.


Another Android application which can auto-narrate books. With a black background, it looks visually more appealing and it also provides the total time the book is going to take. Chrome extension is also available.

Other resources recommended:

  • Audible – Amazon’s audiobook service. Providing full reads in audiobook format, ranging all categories. This offers 1 audiobook for free.
  • Blinkist – allowing you to reach nonfiction books in 15-minutes. These takeaways provide insight into the key learnings of each book. This offers a 3-day free trial.




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