FBX Game Recorder Software For Windows

With FBX Game Recorder you can capture in super smooth HD and use awesome editing tools to take your video gaming to the next level! Review your gameplay footage, find the best parts, and save them as short video clips and GIFs. Share on social media fast from the Recorder! All FBX core features included the free version.

FBX records in the background without lagging the game, using NVidia, AMD, or Intel hardware acceleration. It builts it to handle all major game titles and give outstanding performance, even on older low spec PCs. Whatever your set-up, you’re ready to get started with FBX Game Recorder.


FBX Game Recorder Software For PC

FBX Game Recorder is a dedicated tool that enables you to capture games in HD quality and packs several advanced features to help you edit before uploading them.

The application comes with a modern interface and includes instructions about how to record, an option that can come in hand for users who did not use similar tools before. The recordings can be found in the dedicated tab along with the date, FPS, size, BPS, and resolution for each of them.

As far as editing is concerned, you can review your footage, identify the best parts, and convert them into videos or GIFs. A noteworthy feature is that you can personalize your clips by adding sounds and stickers for maximum impact, which can work very well for PVP sessions or when you emphasize a special ability, for instance. It goes without saying that you can create your own captions, savor the best scenes with slow-motion effects, pause on the best moments with a freeze-frame, and use speed-up to cut through the boring parts.

Game Recording

FBX Game Recorder Features

  • Instant Clips: Hit a hotkey as you play to instantly save short videos of your best action.
  • Record 24-7: Leave FBX recording DVR-style – you’ll never miss a clutch kill again.
  • Screenshots: Grab high-quality images of your gameplay to share with friends.
  • Bookmarks: Find the coolest or craziest moments fast by dropping markers as you play.
  • Stickers and gifts: Nothing quite says it like a sticker. Upload your own images/GIFs or use them from the program.
  • Captions: Write your own captions and change font, color, size. Don’t hold back now, tell it how it is!
  • Slow-Motion: Savor the best stuff, bullet-time style
  • Speed-up: Accelerate footage to race through boring scenes
  • Freeze-frame: Pause on cool moments for dramatic effect

Game Recorder While Play Game

FAQ of FBX Game Recorder

Does FBX work with every game?
FBX records almost every game that uses DirectX 9-12 or OpenGL. It also captures many older games that use DirectX 7-8 – “the developer adding support for more of these all the time.”

Will FBX work with my PC?
Yes. You don’t need something new or powerful, but if you’ve got that, FBX takes advantage of it.

Is FBX free?
Yes – but with some limitations. Recording time is limited to 15 mins for each video and they carry an FBX watermark. Pro plans are available to remove them.

System Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Operating System Windows 7
Memory 4 GB of RAM.
Storage Space 220 MB Free Hard Disk Space.
Recommended Requirements
Operating System Windows 8,10
Memory 8 GB of RAM and more.
Graphics Card Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce with nvenc support, AMD Radeon with VCE support, or Intel GPU with QuickSync support.

Technical Specification

Software Name FBX Game Recorder Software For Windows V 3.9.0
File Size 60.1 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Blueberry Software


If you are looking for a tool to help you record your gaming sessions so that you can review your playstyle or perhaps, upload and share it with your fanbase or followers, then perhaps you can consider giving FBX Game Recorder a try.

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