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Autodesk EAGLE is an amazing, easy-to-use best free PCB design software for electronic engineers. PCB layout and schematic editing tools, library content, and community-driven features. Make anything with this software. Bring your next circuit board connection of an idea to life with powerful software made for every engineer.

It is a professional Windows utility built specifically for helping you design printed circuit boards. It is easy to use interface that gives users the possibility to create a new project by using the library, schematic, board, or text editor.

Autodesk Eagle Software

The board editor comes packed with a wide range of dedicated tools that allow users to draw arcs, circles, polygons, and rectangles, insert wires, embed text messages, and show or hide layers.

EAGLE enables users to move, copy or delete the selected objects, insert Clipboard content, select from various components that can be added to the working environment, and use the route function for converting connections into routed wires.

You can join wire segments, bend lines, rotate objects, zoom in or out, lock the position of a component, and change the object properties in terms of size, class, shape, font, diameter, class, alignment, and many others.

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Autodesk Eagle Features

  • SPICE simulator: Quickly test your ideas and validate circuit performance with a complete suite of SPICE simulation methods.
  • Modular design blocks: Drag-and-drop reusable design blocks between your projects, complete with synchronized schematic and PCB circuitry.
  • Electronic rule checking: Validate your schematic design with a complete set of electronic rule checks, so your schematic can stay on track.
  • Real-time design synchronization: All changes stay automatically in sync between your schematic and layout, so you can focus on the creative process.
  • Push and shove routing: Adhere to all your design rules while the adaptive interactive router pushes and shoves your PCB traces.
  • Intuitive alignment tools: Precisely arrange and order PCB design software free objects with a complete set of alignment tools.
  • Obstacle avoidance routing: Route complex PCB layouts and maneuver around your design to easily get your trace to its destination.
  • New routing engine: Create beautiful PCB layouts quickly. Explore tools for loop removal, cornering, and via placement while you route.
  • Simpler selection and editing: The quickly select, group, and edit objects in your schematic and PCB layout. Group and edit grouped objects globally.
  • Design rule checking (DRC): Control your design flow and avoid unexpected surprises with fully customizable PCB design rules and constraints.
  • Managed online libraries: Worry-free libraries are ready for your next design. Find and place parts dynamically linked to the growing catalog.
  • 3D PCB models: Don’t rely on luck to fit your board in its enclosure. Accurate 3D models enable the PCB to fit the first time.
  • Complete components: Out-of-the-box component libraries include the symbol, footprint, 3D model, and parametric.
  • Manufacturable parts: Component libraries link directly to manufacturers, so you can avoid a last-minute scramble to find replacements.
  • One-click makes design: PCB manufacturing without the headache. Push complete outputs to the hub, connecting with your manufacturer directly.
  • Fusion 360 Integration: Design the PCB object directly in Fusion 360 and synchronize bidirectional changes to your PCB design seamlessly.
  • User language programs (ULPs): Enhance usability and capabilities with one of the scripts or programs created by the vast online PCB community.

Additionally, It offers support for command-line operations and script files, automatic backup options, and lets you configure the layer parameters, picks the same signals or different ones between objects, selects the minimum distance between objects and the size of them, and set the thermal isolation parameters and masks.

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System Requirements

System Requirements for Autodesk EAGLE
Operating System Requirements
Windows Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

EAGLE 64-bit requires a 64-bit operating system.

Linux Linux® based on kernel 2.6 for Intel computers, X11 with a minimum color depth of 8 bpp, the following runtime libraries:,, and CUPS for printing.

For the 64-bit version, EAGLE requires a 64 bit-operating system and with subversion GLIBC_2.14 or higher.

Mac Apple® Mac OS® X version 10.10 or above for Intel computers.
All Operating Systems A minimum graphics resolution of 1024×768 pixels and preferably a 3-button wheel mouse.

Technical Specification

Software Name Eagle Software For Windows V 9.6.0
File Size 125 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Trial Version
Developer Autodesk Inc

Autodesk Eagle comes packed with many useful features for helping you build circuit boards. It suits professional users, as it bundles a wide range of advanced tools.

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