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ASUS Share Link is a file transfer manager for Android To PC that can establish a wireless connection between your PC and android phone and initiate quick file transfers. This app eliminates the need for you to physically connect your mobile phone to your home PC or laptop and manually transfer files. Originally built to provide a bridge between PCs and ASUS’s own ZEN line of Android mobile phones, this app has expanded its functionality by being available on any modern Android device.

Developers of ASUS Share Link have built this service from the ground up to be used only for one purpose – to quickly, reliably, and conveniently transfer files from your mobile phone. This includes not only photos, music, documents, but also application installers (.APK files) of your choice. The app features a minimalistic interface that is fully focused on this single use case scenario.


Asus Share Link Software For PCIt can be used when both your Android device and PC are fully offline. The entire file transfer procedure relies on only a stable Wi-Fi connection (Wireless LAN or direct Wi-Fi connection).

Windows installer of ASUS Share Link comes in a small package that is a bit larger than 20 MB. This enables you to very quickly install it on your PC, without taking too much storage resources. The installation procedure is quick and straightforward, requiring you only to follow simple on-screen instructions.

Once installed, the PC side of app management is done. But to be able to share files between PC and Android device, you will have to ensure two additional things – that your android phone or tablet also has an Android version of ASUS Share Link installed, and that both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Upon firing up both the PC and Android app, you will be welcomed with the minimalistic green interface that features a limited number of tools. Essentially you will have access only to two buttons – one for sending files and one for receiving. The app does not support any additional transfer options or secondary features. It is fully focused only on enabling simple file transfer functions wirelessly, reliably, and quickly.

The application only requires you to take a few steps in order to send files to another smartphone or computer nearby. You can send multimedia files, documents, apps, and any time of information through the Wi-Fi network. It comes with the option to send batches of files without having to connect multiple devices.

The app is easy to set up, but if you wish to send files to a computer running Windows OS, you will need to download Share Link from ASUS’s official website. The application is free of charge and transfers are made quite fast, depending on the number and size of files that are to be shared. The app doesn’t require an active Internet connection in order to send files.


Asus Share Link File Transfer Manager For Android To PC Features

  •  Streamlined file transfer manager for PC and Android.
  • Full support for Wireless LAN and Direct Wi-Fi.
  • Can connect PC with all brands of Android devices.
  • Available pre-installed on the ASUS Zen line of android devices.
  • Two-way file-sharing software between Android phones and PC to send and receive files with ease.
  • Support for all types of files, such as multimedia (photos, videos, music), documents, applications, and more.
  • Streamlined minimalistic interface.
  • File transfer operation does not require an internet connection.

Share Link To Transfer File

Pros And Cons of Asus Share Link

Pros Cons
It supports a variety of file types. Requires PC and Android device to be on the same network

System Requirements

Operating System  Windows 7/8/10

Technical Specification

Software Name Asus Share Link Software For Windows V
File Size 23.74 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer Asus

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