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ARChon Android Emulator is the first Android emulator that works on Google’s Chrome browser. It is quite different from other Android emulators. It can be used on Chrome across various platforms including Windows, Linux, MAC OS. Moreover, it works on Chrome OS and Chromebooks. It runs Android APKs on Chrome! It supports a number of games and applications though it doesn’t claim to support all.

Archon Android Emulator is an open-source platform created by the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign which is designed to allow archival repositories to more easily create and publish finding aids to their collections. It was created in response to a lack of easy methods for archivists to publish finding aids online. While the archival community had previously created content and data structures, such as Encoded Archival Description, implementation of these standards was difficult for many in the profession.


Archon For Chrome

Google made the first batch of Android apps available for Chrome. It was only a matter of time before some clever users gave that power to everyone. Now that time has come. Here’s how to install (nearly) any Android app on any operating system.

The App Runtime for Chrome (or ARC) is the piece of software that allows Android apps to run in Chrome. In the same way that ART (and the older Dalvik) currently run Android apps in Android itself. By making a modified version of the Android runtime for Chrome, Google can allow developers to add support for Chrome without rebuilding their apps from the ground up.


In order to be able to run it, you need it.

Google Chrome browser connected to the Internet.

You also need ARChon Runtime Package / Extension installed on Google Chrome.

And for testing, A Modified .apk Android App package.


How to install ARChon Android Emulator Chrome

Run Chrome, and download ARChon addon. Now you’ll have a big sized ZIP file. Go to Chrome Menu. Click extensions. Here, you’ll see a list of your Chrome extensions. Activate the developer mod by marking the small box on the right above.

After the activation of the developer mod, click on the ‘load unpackaged extension’ button above. From the popping window, choose the extension folder you downloaded, and click OK. It will be loaded on Google Chrome now. Now you need the APK files of the application you want to run. You can transfer this from your mobile device or download it from various websites.

From the official Chrome store, go to the “Twerk” page and click on “Free” on the upper right side. Allow loading of the extension to the Chrome browser. When the installation is complete, type “chrome://apps” on the address bar and press Enter. Now, run Twerk from the extension’s interface. Drag and drop your APK file on the Twerk window.

On the next window, configure settings as you wish and click on the icon below. You need to type the name of the application to the box above. Determine the desktop as the output directory. When the conversion process is over, click on the ‘load unpackaged extension’ button as in phase 2, and select the file from the desktop Twerk extension converted for Chrome. Now the application will be loaded on your browser just like a Chrome extension.



How do I run my own Android apps on Chrome OS?

You don’t need to use ARChon for Chrome OS 64-bit devices. Otherwise download ARChon 32-bit or ARM (depending on your device). Convert the APK using one of the tools listed above (i.e ChromeOS-apk or ARChon Converter for Android).

Archon Runtime

How do I use the Android menu key?

Android Menu key is accessible using ctrl + ESC

System Requirements of Archon Android Emulator

Operating System Chrome OS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Linux

Technical Specification

Software Name Archon Android Emulator For Windows V 2.1.0
File Size 45.8 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free
Developer ORPALIS

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