Alien Skin Exposure X5 For Raw Photo Editor

Alien Skin Exposure is the award-winning RAW Photo Editor and organizer that enables you to create beautiful images and master your workflow. For over a decade, It has helped photographers bring their images to life with unmatched creative tools. It also offers powerful organizing tools, fast performance, an intuitive design, and a subscription-free approach. It’s the only software you need to handle all your photo editing work.

Exposure’s legendary presets and powerful editing tools help you transform your photos and get the most from your RAW files. It has all the non-destructive editing tools you need to create beautiful images. You’ll find fast retouching tools, powerful and easy to use layering tools, and a variety of gorgeous special effects.


Alien Skin Exposure

The app is the only photo editor designed from the ground up for accurate film emulation and gorgeous creative photo effects. The unmatched quality of Exposure’s creative tools is why today’s best photographers use the program to achieve their own stunning looks.

It combines outstanding image processing quality, unmatched presets, stunning creative tools and special effects, and powerful organizing tools. It packs this power into a customizable interface that is responsive and easy to use, making it the only photo editor and organizer you need.

The program’s appearance, you may want to know that a sleek, dark user interface meets you, revealing plenty of tools you could use in order to enhance your images. You need to start by selecting the photo you want to process, and for that, you can turn to the “Folders” drop-down menu that lets you interact with a directory tree. RAW, JEPG, TIFF, and DNG RAW files are all supported, in case you were wondering.

A multitude of presets, about 500, more precisely, are available for you to explore, and their inspiring looks are a certitude. Film emulation is actually Exposure X3’s focus, and we must admit it, it does deliver in this regard. You can thus choose from various low-contrast or low-saturation effects that famous film cameras offer.


Alien Skin Exposure X5 Raw Photo Editor Software Features

Exceptional Processing
The app’s RAW processing engine provides exceptional quality, making your photos look their best. You’ll find outstanding performance in all the key areas of image processing.

Beautiful Looks
The image editor is legendary for its selection of beautiful customizable presets, which span the entire history of film and beyond. Choose from hundreds of tasteful looks that include authentic color and B&W film presets, then customize them and create your own. You can apply them in a single click, or use Alien Skin the app’s fast layering and advanced brushing tools to seamlessly blend them together.

Photo Effects of RAW Photo Editor

Uninterrupted Creativity
It speeds you into the creative editing zone so you can efficiently create stunning images. Complete all of your work in a single customizable interface, where every tool you need is visible. Use innovative viewing and audition features to quickly cull your images and apply your favorite presets.

Instant Access
The software’s speed enables you to start editing photos quickly. Navigate to your files and begin working immediately. There’s no waiting for slow imports to finish. Use program’s flexible copy tool to copy images from a camera card, organizing with keywords or collections in one step.


Intuitive Management
It has all the organizing tools you need to easily manage your photo library. Because It uses the same folder structure as your computer and doesn’t use complicated catalogs, you’ll immediately be familiar with using this software to organize your files. Your files are still available to you if you move or rename them outside of the app.

Editing Tools Efficient Categorizing
Keywords, collections and smart collections, tagging, and ratings help you quickly find your best images and keep your library organized. The app’s robust metadata capabilities help you stay on track by enabling you to categorize your photos at any level of detail you like. Build smart collections that then automatically group photos based on criteria you select.

Needless to say, tweaking the aspect of your photo on your own is also a given, so you can manually adjust the overall intensity, exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, saturation, vibrance, density, cool / warm ratio, and many other aspects. What’s more, working with multiple variations of the same picture simultaneously is also possible for comparison purposes.

A wide assortment of filters are also available for you to turn to, which is proof that the application is an intuitive solution when it comes to photo management. What’s more, using keywords, tags, ratings, and creating collections should raise no difficulty whatsoever.

System Requirements

Processor An Intel Core 2 processor with SSE4 support or compatible
Operating System Windows: 7/8/10

Mac: OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer

Screen Resolution A monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater

Technical Specification

Software Name Alien Skin Exposure Software For Windows V 5.2.2
File Size 443 MB
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Free Trial
Developer Alien Skin Software, LLC.

Alien Skin Exposure X5 is a streamlined, intuitive RAW Photo Editor with most of the editing controls you need and many more that will give your images an artistic boost. As a plug-in to Photoshop and Lightroom, Exposure gives you the choice of sticking with Adobe’s subscription-based Creative Cloud and still getting the benefit of a tremendous number of beloved film-based presets. At the same time, it also offers a viable alternative to Lightroom, which recently made the transition from standalone perpetual license to joining the subscription family.

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