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Dopamine music player is a lightweight piece of audio player software that allows you to play music from your local disk drive and find albums, artists or track that you want to listen to seamlessly.

While selecting a music player is usually a personal choice, there are some features no app in this category can do without. From helping you organize your playlists to finding the track you want without too much effort, some options should not miss from an app in this category.

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Includes a sleek and stylish interface

The utility comes with an appealing interface that displays a list of songs, albums, genres, artists, and playlists in alphabetical order. Therefore, if you want to listen to a song you have in your head, but you can only remember the name or artist vaguely, you can find the track by searching the lists at the corresponding letter.

While most of the UI is dedicated to music organization, the player is located in the lower section of the screen and comes with the basic play, forward, backward, pause, loop and stop options. It is necessary to mention that you can minimize the interface so that you can only view the track that is currently playing.

Dopamine music player

Smart Playlist

Smart Playlist is a new feature of Dopamine 2.0 to create playlists based on criteria that you specify. Go to Playlists > New Playlist > Smart playlist to create a new smart playlist in the program.

Select one or multiple criteria for the playlist, e.g. a rating of at least four stars, the genre Heavy Metal, the year 1984, to have Dopamine create a playlist based on those criteria.

dopamine smart playlist

Use as few or as many criteria that you want in the Smart Playlist creation window. All that is left then is to select the song limit for the playlist and decide whether the songs need to meet all or any one criteria.

Smart Playlists are not dynamic at this point in time and it is not clear whether that feature will be added to the function later on. Dynamic would simply create a new playlist based on the selected criteria on user request or even automatically depending on settings.

The folder browser is just that: an option to browse all folders that you have added to the program. It offers another option to browse the music collection from within the application’s interface.

Dopamine 2.0 supports most of the features of previous versions of the music player already. You can use it to fetch lyrics from the Internet, for instance, to display them while music plays.

Tip: check out music player alternatives such as AIMP, MusicBee or one of these.

Enables quick search, but it could use more features

The highlight of the application stems from the multiple methods it displays the data. In fact, it includes a separate tab for all metadata information, a feature that can come in handy when you are searching for a particular artist or song.

On the other hand, the application could use a few editing options that would permit you to equalize the sound, CD ripping for the basic video formats or have plugin support. In addition, it would be nice if the program permitted you to synchronize your music with your mobile device, let you subscribe to podcasts or find and download new artists, albums and music.

Closing Words

The preview of Dopamine 2.0 provided an improved experience when compared to the previous version. The interface changes are light and not just made for the sake of making changes to new program versions.

The new functionality, Smart Playlist, in particular, is interesting as it adds another useful feature to the application. The feature depends somewhat on proper tags and the use of ratings and other user-added content, though.

The only downside right now is that memory use has not really dropped or increased.


The Dopamine music player is far from a full-featured audio player, the application really shines when it comes to appearance and simplicity. Therefore, if you are looking for an unsophisticated tool to listen to music you stored on your computer, then Dopamine might be worth a try.



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