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Disk Speedup For Disk Defragmentation Software Free Download

Feb 18,2020 - GlarySoft Inc. (Free)

6.48 MB (Safe & Secure)

With Disk Speedup you can defragment your hard drives, wipe out junk, repair file system issues and make your hard disk last longer. Optimize your hard drive with Disk Speedup to experience a better system performance! It fixes data fragmentation, defragments your hard disk, boosts system performance, and makes your disk drive last longer.

Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp has also known as a Disk Defragmentation software and comprehensive tool for Windows OS designed to defragment the local drives and optimize space. It integrates some powerful features that should meet the requirements of advanced users, all wrapped up in a clean and attractive GUI.

Disk SpeedUp Utility Software

In a perfect world, every file on your hard drive would be stored in one clump of data. In tech-talk, we say that each file would be stored on contiguous sectors on your drive. It’s quick and easy for Windows to open a file that has been stored on contiguous sectors because the read-write heads have to move a tiny distance from sector to sector.

Over time, files become fragmented. As you install and uninstall software, and as you update and save files, they tend to be stored in chunks all over your hard drive. This causes two issues. First, it slows down your computer because the read-write heads are moving wildly each time you read or write a file. Second, it wears out your hard drive. Disk Speedup defragments the hard drives and arranges fragmented files sequentially. This solves both issues.

All drives along with their capacity, free space, fragmented space, and status are shown in a list. You can select one or more of them and perform an analysis to evaluate the defragmentation status before deciding whether this task is necessary or not.

Defragging or optimizing the selected volumes is done with the click of a button. In addition, you can schedule the PC to automatically power off after defragmentation.

An auto defrag mode can be enabled to run the defragment task automatically when the PC is in idle state, along with the option to pause when the CPU or disk usage exceeds a certain point. This can be done on one or more selected drives at a time. Furthermore, defrag only, or defrag and optimization can be scheduled on a recurring basis.

Disk SpeedUp Setting

Disk Speedup Features

  • Easy to Use: It has an advanced defragmentation technique but is very easy to use as well. Computer users can use this program very easily.
  • Safe and Secure: The program is designed in such a way that defragments and optimizes disk safely, without any damage to your hard drive and the data stored on it. It is completely safe and secure to use.
  • Minimal space needed to defrag: It works on hard drives with very little available free space.
  • Effectively optimizes and defragments the hard drive: It defrags data effectively and smartly arranges files to speed up access times and improve overall system performance.
  • Clean up your system from junk files safely: System Cleaner is a powerful tool of Disk Speedup; which enables you to scan your disk drives for junk files, temporary files, and other unnecessary files. It further helps you to delete the detected junk items safely and free up space on your hard disk.
  • Helps to identify and remove duplicate files to improve data efficiency: Duplicate file remover quickly finds duplicate files on your system and ensures to delete them safely. Duplicate files waste valuable disk space of your system, Duplicate File Remover free up space and improve data efficiency.
  • Fix hard disk errors: Disk Doctor checks your drives and files for errors and fixes the errors in order to avoid any future loss of data.
  • Checks hard disk health: The program’s hard disk health check tool checks hard disk health and provides detailed information on the overall health of the disks.
  • Useful to assess disk performance: It helps you to analyze hard disk read/write speed to have an idea of the disk’s performance.
  • Stores disk information: You can get hard disk information easily with this program. It keeps details and displays hard disk information such as used space, disk & drive storage capacity, buffers size, bootable status, and storage capacity per sector, etc. It is very useful to understand why your hard disk is always full!
  • Graphical view and disk analysis report: The process of disk analysis shows a graphical view of the fragmentation and defragmentation. Disk Speedup calculates and displays the percentage of fragmentation on the disk in an easy-to-understand graphical view. It also shows a disk analysis report.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Memory 32 MB RAM
Storage Space 20 MB free hard disk space at least

Official Video Intro Disk Speedup

How To Register Disk Speedup For Windows

Disk Speedup Overview

Disk Speedup Download For PC

Technical Specification

Software Name Glarysoft Disk SpeedUp Software For Windows V
File Size 6.48 MB
License Free
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
Developer GlarySoft Inc


The app does not put a strain on computer performance since it runs within normal CPU and RAM parameters. It may take a while to carry out a defragmentation job, depending on the size of the selected drive. However, we have not come across any issues throughout our evaluation, as Disk SpeedUp did not hang, crash, or pop up error messages. No recent updates have been made, though.


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