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DeskSpace Virtual Desktop Manager Software Download

May 3,2019 - Otaku Software. (Free)

13.6 MB (Safe & Secure)

DeskSpace maps six virtual desktops to a cube and allows the user to switch between them, similar to the cube plugin for the Compiz window manager for the X Window System in Linux. DeskSpace is the first desktop manager to make the cube-style desktop feature available on Microsoft Windows.

If you believe productivity is an issue and you’re still looking into ways to deal with it, you should probably try one of those apps that let you work on multiple desktops at the same time.

DeskSpace is probably the best choice in this particular category, as it provides up to six desktops that can be easily controlled using a few keyboard shortcuts.

DeskSpace picture

Control multiple desktops with the aid of a cube

DeskSpace was built for multiple purposes, amongst which the most important ones are to offer you an effortless way to expand your desktop space and to avoid and eliminate desktop clutter.

With this tool, you can work with multiple desktops and switch between them for more productivity. It does so by letting you navigate a desktop cube, whose faces are practically the six desktops you are currently handling.

Unobtrusive running mode

There is no interface to the program, managing it can only be done from the system tray menu, but this does not bring major inconveniences. From here, you can change the way the application works, including wallpapers and names for each of the virtual desktops, keyboard shortcuts, and icons.

The system tray menu also allows you to manage the window dragging and window compatibility settings and to tweak the system tray icons and menu behavior.

Seamless navigation

The thing we liked the most is definitely how quickly the application actually works. Switching between two desktops takes less than a second, despite the visual effects that you see every time this process takes place. We must admit that we had no idea that the 3D effects we’ve seen on Linux distributions gifted with Compiz are also possible on a Windows machine.

An efficient desktop organizer

To sum up, DeskSpace is a great way to organize your desktop efficiently, thus gaining more space for your windows and icons. Switching between the desktops is a stunning visual experience achieved in 3D.

DeskSpace Features

  • Work and play on multiple desktops
  • Display multiple desktops in stunning 3D
  • Quickly switch between desktops using the mouse and keyboard
  • Drag windows between desktops by moving them to the sides of the screen
  • Display desktops in 3D on multiple monitors
  • Configure the hotkeys and mouse buttons used to switch between desktops, and how DeskSpace displays and manages desktop

Screenshots of DeskSpace Software

DeskSpace Software Overview

DeskSpace Software Download For PC

Technical Specification

File Size 13.6 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Otaku Software.


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