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Descript To Transcribe Audio And Screen Recorder Software Download 7.0.4

Aug 5,2021 - Descript Team (Free)

1.77 MB (Safe & Secure)

Descript is a collaborative audio and video editor program developed conveniently for desktop use. Since it looks and mostly works as a document app, it always comes as a surprise to many that it contains transcription, screen recorder, publishing, a complete multitrack editing suite, and several handy Artificial Intelligence features. However, you can’t fully enjoy what it’s capable to offer as you are restricted to do screen recording only and utilize limited editing features. This is used to transcribe your audio to text.

Descript for PC is the fastest and easiest way to transcribe and edit videos. Using artificial intelligence to enable creative expression. The app treats your security, privacy, and data confidentiality as top priorities.

Automate your transcription and editing workflows with Descript’s integrations. Via Zapier, you can connect Descript to hundreds of the most popular web apps. By creating a free Zapier account, you can access the full power of the program’s API without writing a line of code.

It is an application that helps you create podcasts from scratch. With it, you can write text, transcribe words from an audio file, record audio content, and edit your material. If you already have pre-recorded content that you wish to use, it is perfectly fine. You just need to insert the file into your project, and you will be able to manipulate it in a multitude of ways.

Descript For PC DownloadThe leader in automatic transcription, with industry-leading accuracy. Near-instant turnaround, and costs just pennies per minute. Collaboration is a breeze with the program. Share your project with a web link, and grant collaborators access to comment or edit.

Lyrebird is an AI research division within the software, building a new generation of tools for media editing and synthesis that make content creation more accessible and expressive.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Collaborative audio and video editor Limited features that you can test in the free version
Full multitrack editing
The quick and easy transcription process
Tons of notable transcription options

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 10
Browser Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge

Descript Software To Transcribe Audio To Text Software For PC Features

Voice Transcription:

  • Speaker detection
  • Video transcription
  • Human transcription
  • Multitrack transcription
  • Clip highlights
  • Project search
  • 3rd party transcription support

Media Editing:

  • Multitrack timeline editing
  • Fades & crossfades
  • Volume automation
  • Multitrack sequences
  • Project media library
  • Scratch text

Lyrebird Ai:

  • Overdub & voice double
  • Contact us
  • Contact us

File Management And Export:

  • Proxy assets
  • Document export
  • Subtitle/Caption export
  • Uncompressed files
  • File export
  • Pro tools / Logic timeline export
  • Audition timeline export
  • Premiere timeline export
  • Final Cut Pro timeline export


  • Formatting, highlights, markers
  • Patient playback
  • Zapier / API access

Account & Collaboration:

  • Version history
  • Guest editors / commenters
  • Share via web browser
  • Data privacy
  • Team project access
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Centralized user billing
  • Priority support

Screenshots of Descript To Transcribe Audio And Recording Tool

Video Tutorial Of Descript For Windows Software

Descript Transcription Tutorial

Descript For Windows Software Overview

Technical Specification

Descript Software To Transcribe Audio Software Download
Version 7.0.4
File Size 1.77 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Descript Team


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