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DepositPhotos Review – Your Ultimate Destination For Stock Photos Online

Jul 28,2021 - (Free)

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Searching for stock photos online are very common and widely used by small to medium businesses. In the popular culture globally, stock images are used in commercial, editorial, entertainment and artistic ventures to catch the customer’s attention and even it’s said that ” A picture truly worth a thousand words”. You must use images to get attention of your viewers. Nowadays, professionals also started to pay for stock images to get superior quality images with legal license for it’s commercial. In this article, we will check DepositPhotos – One of the leading stock photos platform with millions of stock photos and vectors.

DepositPhotos is a stock photos online content platform headquartered in New York, USA. A company founded in 2009 with the aim to explore photography by Ukrainian entrepreneur Dmitry Sergeev in Kyiv . The business model of depositphotos is mostly similar to that of other stock images content platformswith images sold by subscriptionbut it also have the option to buy files through the credit system, as it happens in other stock photo marketplaces.

As of today, the company has more than 200 million royalty-free stock images, vectors, videos, audio files and graphic layouts, it is believed a good arsenal of stock photos for a company in this period. The company provides services to clients from all over the world, offering them support in 20 languages.


Being a popular stock photos online marketplace with a wide image library of high-quality stock photos, vectors, videos, and graphics. On depositphotos, all images are royalty free and can be used for commercial purposes, both online and print.

In this review section of Depositphotos, I will try to compare with other free stock photo resources to help you decide whether it’s worth subscribing to Depositphotos. Even I will give you a fair comparison of different pricing plans offered by Depositphotos, along with a quick look at some pros and cons too.

Depositphotos Features

How you will Search Stock images on Depositphotos?

Depositphotos with it’s huge library of visual content which is believed the third-largest photobank in the world. To find your desired image or vector isn’t an easy task when you are searching from a stockpile of nearly 60 million images and 18 million vectors, it may took hours to get an exact match of your imaginations.


I would advice you here to cut your time in searching with a bit prior preparation, it may give you results sooner by searching a relevant keyword of the image or vector you are searching here. If you are looking for visuals that represents wild life, type in a word in the search field, press enter, and get redirected to the final search results page. Now, this is where the filters works! You can select the image type you need: photos, vectors, illustrations, or all images.

There are some other useful filters you can add while choosing images, photos, or Vectors and Illustrations, such as:

– Best matсh – A set of pictures that best match your needs
– Fresh – Recently uploaded new images to the library
– Popular – These are the commonly purchased visuals for your search request.

Even you can search by author, image size, orientation, ethnicity, gender as well as country and location. You can also add additional words to your initial search request. It is an AI-based content search engine on the Depositphotos, so it will suggest photo collections that is relevant to your topic.

The Extras filter deserves particular attention, because it excludes photorealistic images and typical stock photos, offering only real photos with authentic behavior and poses.

While the extra filter has a special search result that excludes some typical stock photos and photorealistic images, in this search filter you will get only real stock images with authentic poses.

Image Colleсtions

If you are a enough familiar to work with visuals on a regular basis, circling around one category images might not be enough. In this scenario, you should explore categorized collection of images. All these images, vectors, and videos are hand-picked by content curators, so they’ll match your utilities without any further effort. All the assorted images can be edited or used without adjustments.

Finding photo collections

On the Depositphotos website the visual collections are located on the separate pages, and are updated every two weeks with the newest submissions. One can also explore the collections scrolling by the home page. You would find very much relevant content here on depositphots because the content editors always set the images in advance before any holiday, carnival or a global event.

Vectors and Illustrations

Many people are looking for some stand out artistic stuffs, for those there are trendy vectors and illustrations are the best match to highlight your product or services.

vectors-depositphotosMany pro artists and graphic designers are the regular contributor of the Depositphotos library that is filled with illustrations and vectors, which you can also edit and adjust to your own needs. If you have basic design skills, you can use vectors to make your emails, social media accounts, blog, websites, product packaging, book, or album covers look branded.

Types of available illustrations:

Watercolor illustrations
Acrylic illustrations
Collage illustrations
Pen-and-Ink illustrations
Freehand Digital Illustrations
Vector Graphics

Pricing Plans

There are 2 types of pricing plans to choose from and I think this makes itself different from other stock image platforms. Let’s have a look it here:

Subscription Plans
10 images/month –  ($1 per image)
75 images/month – $69/mo  ($0.92 per image)
150 images/month – $99/mo ($0.66 per image)
750 images/month – $199/mo ($0.27 per image)

On Demand Plans
You can download images and vectors at any time of the year.
3 images – $42 ($14 per image)
10 images – $49 ($4.9 per image)
25 images – $99 ($3.96 per image)
100 images – $299 ($2.99 per image)

What is DepositPhotos?

Depositphotos is a visual content website that is famous for it’s wide stock photography library. It is a professional agency that sells images across dozens of categories under a royalty-free license. Depositphotos work with photographers and illustrators to sell their works through subscription plans and On Demand Downloads from the website. Prices vary depending on the plan you choose.


Is this a free stock photo website?

As it mentioned royalty-free stockphotos, means that an image is available for use in compliance with the licensing terms without the need for additional description or coordination of the place, audience, or manner of use, etc. When buying an image under a royalty-free license, you receive a non-exclusive lifelong right to use it for your purposes within the bounds stated by the Standard or Extended licenses.

All our images are royalty-free. It doesn’t mean they are free of charge. You just pay a one-time fee for a lifelong license.


Can I try out a specific visuals before purchasing it on depositphotos?

Yes, you can check if a specific image fits your needs by downloading a free watermarked comp. Simply place your mouse over an image to see an option to download a comp image.

Please note that you can use watermarked samples free of charge solely for the purpose of evaluation and testing of the image prior to purchase.


What is a Curated Collection?

A curated collection is a set of hand-picked files based on the latest trends by the top content curators.


Is there free trial available on depositphotos?

To try out the quality of the images and the service or choose the right image size, you may download  free files section on depsoitphotos

To check if a specific image fits your needs, you can also download a free watermarked comp. Simply place your mouse over an image to see an option to download a comp image.


Final Thoughs


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