Deluge Bittorrent Downloader software

Deluge is a full-featured BitTorrent client for PC. It uses libraries torrent in its backend and features multiple user-interfaces including GTK+, web, and console. It has been designed using the client-server model with a daemon process that handles all the BitTorrent activity. The Deluge daemon is able to run on headless machines with the user-interfaces being able to connect remotely from any platform.

Deluge features a rich plugin collection; in fact, most of Deluge‘s functionality is available in the form of plugins. It was created with the intention of being lightweight and unobtrusive. It is our belief that downloading shouldn’t be the primary task on your computer and therefore shouldn’t monopolize system resources. It is not designed for anyone desktop environment and will work just fine in GNOME, KDE, XFCE and others.


In addition, the Deluge app also comes with support for web remote administration via its built-in Web UI interface, as well as proxy support for using behind a router and for being able to maintain your privacy while using your Mac as a torrent peer.

As an added advantage, it provides support for disk caching and for high-performance torrent seeding, two features designed to increase the disk access speed and avoiding running out of RAM while performing a large number of simultaneous disk reads.

This app features full BitTorrent protocol encryption, a feature introduced for greatly improving the torrent client’s user’s privacy by basically making all the packets sends and receives harder to identify by various third parties.

To make things even better, It also bundles a bandwidth scheduler and inbuilt torrent speed limits, thus making it possible to conserve your Internet bandwidth if you’re using the app on a Mac with a monthly Internet download/upload quota.

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Deluge Features:

  • Core/UI split allowing the app to run as a daemon
  • Connect remotely to the Deluge daemon
  • Web UI
  • Console UI
  • GTK+ UI
  • BitTorrent Protocol Encryption
  • Mainline DHT
  • Local Peer Discovery (aka LSD)
  • FAST protocol extension
  • µTorrent Peer Exchange
  • UPnP and NAT-PMP
  • Proxy support
  • Web seed
  • Private Torrents
  • Global and per-torrent speed limits
  • Configurable bandwidth scheduler
  • Password protection
  • RSS (via Plugin)

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System Requirements:

Software Name Deluge BitTorrent Client for Windows V 1.3.15
File Size 16.19 MB
Requirements Windows XP, Vista, 7/8/10
Languages English, Italian, French, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, German, Japanese
License Open Source
Date added Tuesday, May 16th, 2017
Developer The Deluge Team

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