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DbVisualizer Universer Database Management Tool For Mac Download 12.1.3

Sep 11,2021 - DbVis Software (Free)

111 MB (Safe & Secure)

DbVisualizer for Mac is the best database management tool that aims to increase user productivity. It offers a single solution to speed development, testing and administration of relational databases.

For developers, DbVisualizer offers a range of tools to assist database development and perform tasks such as object browsing, creating, running SQL statements and SQL scripts plus viewing and editing data.DbVisualizer is pretty powerful and it supports all major commercial databases including Oracle, DB2, Mimer, SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Informix and open source alternatives such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and JavaDB/Derby.

DbVisualizer is an efficient and easy to use software solution which aims to assist you in thoroughly managing and maintaining your database, with the least amount of effort for you.

After installing the application, you can launch it and begin working with it. Its user-friendly interface makes it quite simple to handle, allowing you to quickly open new database connections, either using the wizard or by inputting the required information yourself.

In order to add a new connection, you will need to enter the alias, which will be used throughout the utility. You can then select the ‘Database Driver’ from the available list or add a new one using the ‘Driver Manager’.

Afterward, press the ‘Next’ button, to enter additional information about the DB server, pinging it to verify if it can establish a connection, then click on to ‘Finish’ button to complete the process. The contents of the database will then be displayed in the tree view mode, in the left side panel, enabling you to quickly access the section that interests you.

DBVisualizer Database Management Software For Mac Features

  • Advanced SQL features: Write queries in an advanced SQL editor that has all the smart features you need. Speed up your coding and avoid errors.
  • No coding skills? No problem: Access and understand your data even if you have no coding skills or database experience, thanks to powerful features.
  • Highly optimized features: Customize your workspace and use optimized features and functions, improved for over a decade by continuous feedback from thousands of professional users.
  • Supports all major OSes: DbVisualizer works on all supported operating systems, Windows, macOS and Linux/UNIX.
  • The DbVisualizer UI: The user interface gives you a lot of control over the layout and how to work with your database.
  • Connection management: Connection management is flexible. Set up a connection manually or via the step-by-step Connection Wizard.
  • Detailed users guide: Get started easily and improve your knowledge with our detailed users guide, straight from the developers.
  • Support from the developers: Get help in our extensive knowledge base with articles and forums or contact us for personal support.
  • Strong master password: A master password raises security considerably. The master password is requested once per DbVisualizer session.
  • Access through SSH: Access databases through SSH to secure an encrypted connection between two hosts over an insecure network.
  • Save your work: Autosave your workspace and resume where you left off with editors preserved between sessions.

System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS 10.10 and higher version
Java Platform Java JRE

Screenshots of DbVisulizer Software For Mac 

DbVisualizer Software For Mac Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
12.1.3 September, 10th 2021 111 MB Download
12.1.2 August, 26th 2021 111 MB Download

DBVisualizer For Mac Overview

Technical Specification

DBVisualizer Download
Version 12.1.3
File Size 111 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer DbVis Software


DbVisualizer is a very complex and advanced program whose main purpose is to offer you the proper tools that let you manage your databases unrestricted, significantly simplifying your work in the process.


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