CyberDuck File Transfer Software free download for Windows

Cyberduck is an FTP browser meant to help every user in the process of transferring files. So, It is a valuable tool for those who need to upload and download different files from a server and it also can perform many FTP tasks due to its simplicity.

The software is compatible with Secured File Transfer Protocol, Webdav or Amazon S3 Versions and offers the possibility of exchanging files with Dropbox, being integrated with multiple external editors.


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Intuitive content browser with support for a wide variety of servers and protocols

Cyberduck comes with a user-oriented interface from which you can quickly and effortlessly connect to and browse SFTP, FTP, Google Cloud Storage, Amazon S3, WebDAV and Rackspace Cloud servers.

Cyberduck is compatible with third-party providers that use either the Openstack Swift or S3 APIs, and you can always take advantage of the provided connection profiles for Internap, HP Cloud Object Storage and more.

Furthermore, the Cyberduck app seamlessly integrates with external editing applications, a fact that allows you to easily edit files and change their content. Hence, you can edit the desired text or binary file directly on the server via an application of your choice.

Distribute your content in the cloud and make it available to other users with ease

What is more, you can use Cyberduck to distribute your files and content over the cloud. You can easily configure the content delivery networks offered by Amazon CloudFront and Akamai to deliver your content to various users from all over the world.

You just have to connect to a WebDAV, SFTP or FTP server and set it as the origin of your Amazon Cloud Front CDN distribution.

Cyberduck for Mac downloads and uploads remote files using an FTP, SFTP, or a WebDAV connection, as well as online storage services like Google Drive and Amazon S3 Storage. It’s a well-built, accessible app that does its job without any issues, though its transfer speeds may not be the best.

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