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CrococryptFile – File Encryption Software For Windows Download 1.6

Jun 28,2021 - Hissen IT (Free)

28.6 MB (Safe & Secure)

CrococryptFile is file encryption software that creates encrypted archives of arbitrary files and folders. The encryption features of CrococryptFile can be compared to a ZIP utility that uses ZIP’s AES encryption. However, there are significant differences.

CrococryptFile adds the selected file to an archive, with a special extension, that no other program can open, *.croco. The program uses a powerful, password-based AES-256 encryption algorithm, allowing you to set different keyphrases for each file.

CrococryptFile File Encryption Software DownloadThe program features a minimalistic interface, which makes it very easy to use. The program opens directly with the import window and allows you to choose the preferred encryption method: password-based (AES-256) or Windows Keystore (RSA-AES-256). Additional options include GPG/OpenPGP Key (PGP-AES-256), cloaked password-based encryption (AES-Twofish-256) and cloaked with output padding (multiples of 1 MB).

It allows you to encrypt any individual file, by adding it to an archive and blocking any access to it, with the help of a password. This method is effective in case you wish to protect multiple files since other users would have to bypass a whole set of passwords instead of just one.

The main thing is that you need to remember all the passwords you set, in order to gain access to the information. The program offers reliable protection for each file, by adding it to an archive that can hide information regarding the file name, size, and time/date.

System Requirements

Java Runtime Java Runtime Software V 1.7.1 and higher version
Additional Information Java Cryptography Policy Files (come with the installer)

CrococryptFile File Encryption Software For Windows

The encryption features of CrococryptFile can be compared to a ZIP utility that uses ZIP’s AES encryption. However, there are significant differences.

  • encrypts all file and folder information including filenames, time/date, and filesize information,
  • disguises any information of the archive’s content, because all data and meta-data are simply integrated into a giant file dump.

A *.croco file solely shows that it is indeed a CrococryptFile archive and which crypto suite (e.g., password-based AES-256 encryption) is used.

Screenshots of CrococryptFile File Encryption Tool For Windows

Official Video of CrococryptFile Software

CrococryptFile For Windows

CrococryptFile Software Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
1.6 September, 19th 2020 28.6 MB Download
  • AxCrypt
  • File Lock 
  • File Encryption XP
  • Secure Archive

CrococryptFile file Encryption Tool Overview

Technical Specification

CrococryptFile File Encryption Software
Version 1.6
File Size 28.5 MB
Languages English
License Open Source
Developer Hissen IT


CrococryptFile creates a special, password-protected archive, which shell cases your file. The source, however, remains in its original location, so you may delete, move or edit it. Decoding a *.croco file requires that you select it, when you open the program, after which you need to provide the password.


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