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Corsair Link Download For Windows 4.16.194

Dec 16,2019 - CORSAIR. (Free)

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Corsair Link is an application designed to eliminate the need for monitoring temperature, fan activity, LEDs, RPM, and other motherboard sensors’ value in a convenient and efficient way. Since the idea is to help you want to make things as simple as possible, you can use a custom image as the background image and drag and drop devices listed.

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Motherboards have a variety of sensors for detecting temperature, RPM, fan activity, and LEDs. The purpose of the application “Corsair Link” is to get rid of the need for these sensors. It basically simplifies the process of monitoring these things by having a customized image in the background, along with a list of drag and drop devices.

Corsair Link is a utility that comes with an automatic scanning and detection feature. This feature shows you a list of the hardware devices on your computer which are properly installed. Since the image can be customized, you can put various devices together in conjunction with their related functions.

Corsair Link

This utility tracks the parameters of multiple devices which could potentially degrade the performance of certain tasks associated with the CPU or video card. The two biggest examples of these tasks are gaming and video editing, which require a lot of system resources. It allows you to place these devices in their own control groups where they can be monitored together.

The devices can be configured with this utility tool based on their own unique features. For instance, if the readings of your motherboard show varying RPM speeds, according to its chipset, then a speed divider may need to be used to solve the problem. Therefore, if the RPM value is not close to what your motherboard can handle, then you can simply activate the speed divider to remedy the problem.

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The utility includes an auto-detect feature that scans your system and displays the hardware devices that are installed correctly on your computer. Nevertheless, considering that the application enables you to use the image of your own chassis, it would be useful to group the devices according to their associated functions.

The program enables you to monitor various devices’ parameters that may or may not have a negative impact on the performance during tasks that are the video cards or CPU-intensive, such as advanced video editing or gaming, for example. The utility enables you to group devices together in control groups and hence, monitor them as a single entity.

In conclusion, you must monitor the operation of your system closely. Certain adjustments will be necessary to ensure it performs optimally always. Meanwhile, you won’t need to mess with any dials or switches. Therefore, Corsair Link is worth trying out.

if you need to keep a close eye on how your system is operating and make the necessary adjustments for optimal performance without manually managing switches and dials, then Corsair Link might come in handy.

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Using Corsair Link to monitor and control your PC's cooling

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Corsair-LINK-Installer-v4.9.9.3 40.4 MB Download

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Corsair Link Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 4.16.194
File Size 848 MB
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License Free Trial
Developer CORSAIR.


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