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Corona Renderer – Rendering Software For Mac Download 6

May 27,2021 - Chaos Czech a.s. (Free)

903 MB (Safe & Secure)

Corona Renderer for Mac is a high-performance (un)biased realistic renderer for MAXON Cinema 4D as well as a standalone tool. Despite its young, This software has developed into a production-ready renderer capable of producing high–quality output.

It produces results that are predictable, trustworthy, and physically believable, with no quality sacrifices. Realistic lighting and materials are included right away. You may also deactivate caustics for specific Corona Lights and send caustics to their own Render Element for post-processing editing. The include/exclude lists of Corona Lights are likewise respected by Caustics.

Corona Renderer Software For Mac

No–one calls themselves a “3D Technician” – everyone rightly calls themselves a 3D artist, and that means your tools should be as close to invisible as possible so they don’t get in the way of your creativity.

Speed is an important factor in any production environment, and a renderer must always deliver results as fast as possible. CoronaRenderer uses Intel Embree Ray Tracing Kernels, making the CPU–only Corona as fast as many GPU renderers but without any of the limitations of GPU–based solutions.


System Requirements

Operating System Mac OS 10.7 and higher version
Cinema 4D 64-bit MAXON Cinema 4D R14-S24
Required Privilege Installation requires administrator privileges

Corona Renderer For Cinema 4D Mac OS Features

Take a look at how much control you have over your final render with the list of effects below:

  • Exposure: Controls the overall exposure of the image.
  • Highlight Compression: Compresses highlights in the image to reduce/remove burned–out areas.
  • White Balance: Controls the white balance of the image.
  • Contrast: Adjust the contrast of the image.
  • Saturation: Controls the overall color saturation.
  • Filmic highlights: Controls a subtle highlight compression without loss of color saturation.
  • Filmic shadows: Controls the richness/saturation of shadows in the image.
  • Vignette intensity: Applies a subtle, realistic vignette.
  • Color tint: Adjust the overall color tint of the image.
  • Curves: Further fine-tune the tone mapping, using custom curves with histogram.
  • LUTs: This software allows quickly changing the overall look of the image by applying one of many ready–made LUTs. The strength of the LUT effect can be controlled using the LUT Opacity so that it is not “all or nothing”. A variety of LUTs are provided along with Corona.
  • Bloom & Glare: Bloom is a large, soft glow around bright areas in the image, while Glare is a small, sharp glow with adjustable rays around bright areas. The color of these effects can be adjusted using the Color Intensity and Color Shift parameters.
  • Sharpening/Blurring: This first blur an image and then sharpens it, useful to remove “pixel–perfect” noise and give a more photographic look to the final image.
  • Denoising: If Denoising was enabled, this allows you to blend between the fully Denoised image and the raw render.

Corona Renderer For Mac FAQs

Which Host Applications Are Supported?

3ds Max and Cinema 4D have fully supported host applications at the moment. There are ARCHICAD and Blender versions in various stages of development.

Which Cinema 4d Versions Are Supported By Corona Renderer?

Corona Renderer currently supports x64 versions of Cinema 4D R14-S24. There are no plans of supporting older versions of Cinema 4D.

Why Is There No GPU Version?

Short version: the GPUs are not as great for ray tracing as the marketing sometimes portrays them.

Are There Some Converters For Materials, Lights, Proxies?

There is an implicit conversion of Cinema 4D and V–Ray lights and materials (just render, and they should look mostly as expected), and also an explicit converter which you can use to convert them to Corona lights and materials permanently. V–Ray needs to be installed for either conversion to work (although this can be a trial version).

Can I Use My Fairsaas License On Multiple Computers?

Yes. But only one computer can use the license in workstation mode at a time.

What Is The Fairsaas Version Of Corona Renderer?

FairSaaS or Fair Software As A Service is one of the license types of Corona Renderer. It is paid on a monthly basis (with an option of paying yearly) – it is like paying a phone bill. We have created this licensing model as an answer to the traditional box model shortcomings. It has many benefits, such as affordable price, zero upfront investment, easy scalability, and the ability to install the latest updates as soon as they are developed.

Corona Renderer For Mac OS Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
Corona Renderer 5

(For Cinema 4D)

December, 24th 2020 600 MB Download


  • Blender.
  • V-Ray.
  • Lumion.
  • Enscape.
  • Maxwell Render.
  • Twinmotion.
  • Artlantis.
  • KeyShot.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed the Corona AO and Wire shaders, so that changes made to them (color, distance, etc) update in IR without restarting IR
  • Fixed IR sometimes not updated after texture change with C4D bitmap
  • Materials with Corona Shared shaders now should render properly in TeamRender (note: currently this works only when a render is started from the full Cinema 4D, rather than when started from the TeamRender Server for example; we’ll work on those other scenarios in future releases, to find fixes for them too!)
  • “Generate caustics from environment” now properly updates in IR
  • Fixed disabling caustics in Corona Light material used for environment
  • Render Regions are now persistent between renders, and are saved with the scene file
  • Render Regions now work with Team Render
  • Fixed the alpha mode in Interactive Rendering in the Cinema 4D viewport
  • Fixed world-space mapping for heterogeneous medium when used as a global medium
  • Fixed the SSS material rendering wrong when inside glass with Refraction Glossiness of <1 when caustics were enabled for the glass material.

Corona Renderer For Mac Overview

Version 6
File Size 903 MB
Languages English
License Free Trial
Developer Chaos Czech a.s.



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