ConnectWise Control Remote Access Software

ScreenConnect Software is also called ConnectWise Control. It is a lightweight and intuitive piece of software developed to offer you the means of connecting to other people’s computers for remote assistance sessions, allowing you to control the targeted PC over the web, with little to no effort.

ScreenConnect Software is a self-hosted remote desktop software application owned by Tampa, Florida-based software developer Connectwise Inc., that has remote support, remote access, and remote meeting capabilities. ConnectWise Control was originally developed by Elsinore Technologies in 2008 under the name ScreenConnect.


ConnectWise Control

Installation and configuration steps

Following the swift installation, the tool launches in your default web browser, prompting you to set it up the first time you use it, by entering the preferred username and password, then input your license key.

If you do not have one, you can generate it using your email address, copying the data from one field to the other, then continuing with the configuration.

Connect and control the remote machine

The tabbed interface allows you to switch between ‘Support’, ‘Meetings’ and ‘Access’, enabling you to create a new session by entering the client computer’s details. ScreenConnect works on an ‘Invite / Join’ basis, supporting multiple simultaneous operations.

It does not need a client application installed on the targeted machine, which makes it easier both for the person in front of that PC and for you to work with, the only condition being the Internet access.

ConnectWise Control Remote Access

ConnectWise Control PC Software Features

  • Central web application
  • Access from anywhere gives you the ability to deal with issues wherever there is an internet connection
  • Zero-install clients avoid waiting for customers to fumble through installation
  • Intelligent launching selects the easiest deployment method regardless of platform
  • Seamless firewall traversal for both technicians and customers
  • Proxy traversal is not an issue, as it uses system settings to establish the connection
  • Collaborate with another technician to both work on a single session simultaneously
  • Configuration with the domain name and custom ports allows for any combination of access points
  • Ad hoc support sessions
  • Multiple invitation methods include email invitations, session codes, and publicly visible sessions
  • Organize and secure your sessions with dynamically defined session groups
  • Generate MSI packages to automatically deploy persistent connections via Group Policy
  • Remotely relabel unattended clients to change organization or identification
  • Command Line Interface from the web UI supports individual or group commands
  • Screen Preview from web UI to see if the machine is being used before connecting
  • Adjust screen quality from true color to black and white
  • Transfer files and folders with menu options
  • Screen recordings are saved in .avi format locally for the user
  • Store security credentials to send to the screen later to make connecting faster and more secure
  • View multiple monitors with ease, allowing technicians to see every monitor of the remote machine

ConnectWise Control For Windows PC

  • Change any text visible to your customers, including inside client applications
  • Design your own theme and become the artist
  • Integrate into your website through a variety of means
  • Role-based security provides industry-leading security control for each user
  • 256-bit AES encryption for every session is a secure way to package and ship the data
  • Generate session codes automatically and customize the length and structure for improved security
  • Integrate using LDAP & Active Directory to fit like a glove into your enterprise security model
  • SSL-enable the web app for an additional layer of security
  • SQLite Database provides more options for storage, maintenance, and reporting
  • Password Reset is available for users via the Web UI

However, you do have the option of creating an installer that can be run on remote systems, letting you choose the name, extension type, and ‘Join Mode’ (‘Invitation Only’, ‘Published’, ‘Simple Code’, ‘Secure Code’). ScreenConnect allows for communication between computers, while also providing you with the possibility of creating a shared folder between the two.

Useful remote access instrument

To sum it up, ScreenConnect is a handy and easy to use program meant to assist you in performing technical support tasks on remote computers, enabling you to connect to several machines at the same time and transfer files, record their screen or collaborate with other people.

System  Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor Quad-core processor at 2.4 GHz

Technical Specification

Software Name ScreenConnect_19.4.25542.7214
File Size 47.4 MB
License Free Trial
Language English
Author Elsinore Technologies Inc.

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