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Top 3 Tools To Find Out Everything Behind A Person

May 23,2021 - Cocofinder LLC (Free)

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This article is all about informing you about the top 3 tools to identify everything behind a person. Let’s get started! Are you finding a way to connect with someone who has lost earlier? So, establishing a full-fledged connection with those people is possible for you! You may want to perform a quick search on Google or Facebook, an email ID, or a blog to get in touch with them. 

What they don’t know is that Google doesn’t always show the correct information to everyone. It is also possible that the person you have been looking for for longer days has a common name. Therefore, you need a must-have tool instead of a simple Google search to find out more! 

On the other side, you may be waiting for so long to vet your long-lost friend or a relative; hence, a quick background check with these renowned tools can save you as these are handy tools for everyone! 

  • CocoFinder

CocoFinder has long provided credible background check services with precise findings. It is the best people-finding tool we have! The major utilities of CocoFinder are that you can effectively check a person’s information via reverse phone number lookup services. 


Moreover, it is an impeccable address lookup tool also for providing essential searching services. It intends to offer insightful checks throughout individuals who can go major far beyond their leading facts. 

So, with the help of it, you can view photos, criminal history, addresses, and sex offender history. You may check it now i.e. immediately too. 

cocofinderHow does CocoFinder work?

This premium public information and people search engine present your result within a few simple steps:

  • Visit CocoFinder 
  • For people to search, enter the first, and last name, city, and states
  • For address lookup, enter the address and city
  • For phone lookup, enter the mobile number of that person
  • Hit the ‘search’ button to continue
  • Download the report
  • Intelius 

Intelius is another leading public data storing company that offers reliable information services so that you can rummage people by address, name, email id, mobile numbers, and more! 

Moreover, this Seattle-based service is a significant part of a large company named People Connect Inc. that also owns 

To get hassle-free access to the information available across Intelius, there is a pricing policy to do a background check of anyone. The site provides everything starting from phone numbers check to facile background checks, and provide necessary information about that person. 

How does Intelius work?

Such a renowned public searching tool incorporates data from private and public sources, including FBI databases, business records, and significant phone directories. However, all this information is available online and even free, but ingressing it could be a real headache. 

People want to use Intelius because this search engine tool can look through these relevant sources more rapidly than you could do it manually. In order to start a search, you should:

  • Visit the official site of Intelius 
  • On its homepage, you will see a search bar
  • Fill out the details like first name, last name, city, and state.
  • Once entering, hit the ‘search’ button to get it started

Now, Intelius has started trawling through its records to find out the one you are looking for! In some instances, this leading tool will ask you for extra information before demonstrating a list of prospective people that match your needs. 

Moreover, before letting you open a person’s report, it will also showcase various loading screens, which consist of graphic content. Nevertheless, these seem to be quickly generated and don’t actually tell you anything about the data present in the report.

How much does Intelius cost?

This premium search engine tool, Intelius, consists of seven various pricing plans. It also includes a cancellation fee:

  • Background check: $39.95
  • People search: $0.95
  • Premier Plus: $29.95/month
  • Reverse Address Lookup: $4.95-$14.95
  • Criminal Record: $29.95 for nationwide search and $14.95 for statewide
  • Reverse Phone Lookup: $0.95
  • Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is a leading background check and people finding directory that enables a person’s available public record information, such as email id, social profiles, phone numbers, criminal records, and many more. 

All you need to enter this information, and Instant Checkmate will discover every minute of data about that person. So it is:

  • Mobile-friendly app
  • Easy-to-navigate user interface
  • Budget-friendly $1 five-day trial
  • Copious search method options
  • Explicit elucidations of how information can be utilized

How does Instant Checkmate work?

The renowned people search directory Instant Checkmate enables users to search for anyone in the USA. It will deliver an insightful background report with colossal information on the person. Moreover, it will let you know any public records tied to that person. 

In order to search for a person’s identity:

  • Visit Instant Checkmate
  • Enter the first, last name, city, and the state
  • Tap the ‘search’ option to start the search process

What information will you receive?

Instant Checkmate will conduct a complete background search and deliver the below-mentioned report within a couple of minutes. The report will include:

  • Vehicles owned
  • Photos
  • Name and nicknames
  • Social media accounts
  • Civil judgments
  • Email ID
  • Employment history
  • Financial data
  • Family members

How much does Instant Checkmate cost?

It offers one-time and monthly report options, but its monthly scheme is slightly higher than its competitors. The plans are shown below:

  • Price: $1
  • Monthly membership: $34.78/month
  • Quarterly membership: $27.82/month
  • Phone lookup membership: $4.99/month


You don’t need to worry about when you have these top 3 search engine tools to find out everything behind a person. 

These premium tools offer credible and decent information and multiple one-off reports, like reverse phone number lookup, reverse address lookup, people search, and many more! Go through each of them and pick one out, which seems reliable to you! 


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