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Cloze Relationship Management App For iOS Download 2021.7

Sep 9,2021 - Cloze (Free)

140.1 MB (Safe & Secure)

Cloze for iOS is like a personal assistant for your professional relationship management that is always prompting you at the right moment and remembering what you don’t.

It pulls from your apps to automatically create one view of every person and company – all their contact details, and your complete history – every email back and forth, your phone calls together, meetings, notes, files, social, and messages.

Cloze is an iOS app that brings together all of your relationships from email and social media into a single view. It was only available as a web client, but now it has moved to a robust mobile offering. As the company will tell you, the service places an emphasis back onto the human being sending it instead of placing priority on the channel from when it came. Cloze says that from its early web app users, they needed to be able to have quick access to the people that matter the most throughout the day. But at the same time, these users also needed to have an app be set so that it’s automatically sifting through your messages finding the ones that are important.

The premise behind Cloze centers around three core ideas: unite contacts, email, and social data under one area, create less noise through smart filtering of “non-humans and those you don’t know well”, and place people first, the channel and time come second.

Cloze Relationship Management For iOS DownloadWhen you look into the social layer of the application, in some ways, it resembles Flipboard and Zite in that you can sort through the tweets and status updates of Key People, but then tap to take a look at the links that they have shared.

Overall, the purpose of this app is a noble one, but the user interface seems a bit disorganized and requires a bit more time to use before one can be completely comfortable depending on it.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
Collects bits of communication from social networks and emails and puts them into a per-person context. This app can only connect one Twitter and one Facebook account (multiple email accounts supported, however).
Rightly emphasizes key people from your community. No way to merge contacts that Cloze mistakes for two different people.
Good controls for customizing which people are “key”. iPhone app not quite as intuitive and handy as the website version


Cloze Relationship Management App For iOS Features

Smart AI

  • Understands action items and adds them to your Agenda (e.g. “Please review and get back to me by Friday.”)
  • Automatically reminds you when it’s time to reach out to key people
  • Sees change to email signatures to update contacts
  • Automatically links agenda items to mentioned people and companies

Unified Contact Management

  • Brings all your contacts into one place
  • Automatically keeps contacts up-to-date

Professional-class Email

  • Get reminded if you don’t receive a reply to an important email
  • Be notified when a recipient opens an email or clicks on a link you sent
  • Templates: Create and reuse template emails Share them across your team
  • Mail merge: Personalize email sent to many people at the same time
  • Scheduled send: Write your email now, have Cloze deliver it later
  • Built-in support for Do Not Contact and the GDPR
  • Supports Gmail, iCloud, Office365, Exchange, Outlook, Yahoo!, IMAP

CRM Without The Busywork

  • Track the activity around projects and deals automatically
  • Next steps: Automatic reminders of what’s next for any deal
  • Add To-Dos to track things you have to get done
  • Agenda: one place to see all your meetings, reminders and follow-ups
  • Analytics: Pipeline, forecast, engagement, activity, and lead analytics

One View Of Everything

  • Emails: Automatically organizes mail by people, company, project and deal
  • Calls: Automatically log your calls (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile USA, Sprint, RingCentral)
  • Files: Automatically link files to your contacts (Dropbox, Drive, OneDrive, Slack)
  • Notes: Automatically match notes to contacts (Evernote, OneNote)
  • Messages: Track Slack messages about your clients and customers
  • Calendar: Meeting context at your fingertips (Google, Office365, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud)

Work As A Team

  • One team-wide view of all communication for every deal and project
  • Always know who last talked to any customer, client, or prospect
  • Assign and track who’s responsible for contacts, next steps, and to-dos
  • Manage all of your company’s contacts, projects, and deals in one place

Screenshots of Cloze Relationship Management App For iOS 

Video Tutorial of Cloze Relational Management App

Cloze Relationship Management, Email And Contact In One App

  • Google Contact
  • Memotoo
  • fruux
  • Zoiper
  • GlipMe
  • Pobuca Connect

What’s New Cloze Latest App For Relationship Management

Version 2021.7

  • Campaign Automation – Create drip campaigns and much more
  • Audiences – Easily group contacts into different audiences with custom criteria
  • Lead Distribution – Distribute leads across a team by round robin or first-come first-served (a.k.a. lead ponds)
  • Contact Profile Notes – Bring notes to the top level of the contact profile, not just in the timeline
  • Multilingual Templates – Easily translate templates that can be sent to recipients in different languages

Version 2021.2

  • Marketing Mail – Create pixel-perfect, image-rich, HTML email designs and send them from your real email account
  • DialPad support – Integrate DialPad calls and texts into Cloze
  • Calendly support – Easily include single-use booking links in your email, templates, and signature

Version 2020.10

  • Create lead ponds that allow team members to compete for leads
  • Request assignment of leads from other team members
  • Create conditional text in templates by language, country, locale, or custom field
  • However, using this app helps you to create a short alternative email signature when replying or forwarding
  • Script lead processing to automatically extract custom information from lead email notifications
  • Easily edit and update scheduled emails
  • Sort contacts by upcoming birthdays

Version 2020.9 – New Template Library

  • Manage all types of templates in one place
  • Create templates for texts, call scripts, emails, and snippets
  • Easily share and manage templates for your team
  • Team members can refine shared templates to make them their own
  • Quickly find templates with new template search
  • Include attachments in your templates
  • Create reusable snippets – text and images you can insert in any message or template

How does the app work?

The app creates an encrypted iPhone backup on your computer and then syncs with this backup to automatically log your phone calls and text messages.


How many calls does the app sync?

Your iPhone typically stores only your last 500 calls. The first time you sync the app will log all of the available calls in Cloze. Going forward all new calls will be synced to Cloze and logged – you’re not limited to a history of only 500 calls and if you switch devices you don’t lose your call history.


How many messages does the app sync?

The app will sync your entire history of available messages, as far back in time as are available on your phone. Going forward all new messages will be synced to Cloze and logged. So if you lose your device or can’t restore from the backup you won’t lose your messages.


Where can I find my calls and messages?

Cloze will automatically log the calls and messages in the timeline of the people involved. So, when you go to a contact’s profile, you’ll see your entire history with them – all emails, calls, messages, and more in one place – with no data entry.


Do I need a new phone number to use it?

No. Cloze is the only CRM that works with your existing phone and apps to log all incoming and outgoing calls and messages without needing a new phone number or paying extra per call or message.


Cloze For iOS App Overview

Technical Specification

Cloze App Download
Version 2021.7
File Size 140.1 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Cloze


The Cloze relationship management app for iPhone collects tweets, emails, Facebook posts, and other bits of communication from your contacts and prioritizes them based on people who are most relevant to you. It’s a wonderful tool for getting relevant information about people in your network, although the Web version is more intuitive than the mobile app.


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