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Clean Master Download for PC 2021

Dec 31,2019 - Cheetah Mobile (Free)

21.3 MB (Safe & Secure)

Clean Master for PC Standard Edition provides you with real-time notifications and auto-cleans junk files with its Intelligent Clean system. It also has the ability to intelligently optimize system and network settings to prevent lagging with the One-click to boost feature.

PC cleaning software on the planet! Keep your HDD space safe from unnecessary temporary files and folders.

Download Clean Master For PC and boost up your PC performance in a second. Sometimes C drive going to overload and show a red signal. But there is no weighty software installed on the machine. Also, no weighty files on the Desktop folder or in C drive. Even your drive is going to full frequently. The Clean Master can you tranquility by one click only!

Download Clean Master for PC

It is available to download for Android and Windows. As the world’s best memory cleaning software (EXE), now it is the most popular and increasing its popularity awesomely day by day by its new features and adventures.

Download Windows Version from the download button and get spice and speedy computer. The download option is very easy and crispy. Because it is only one click to start the download on your computer.

Junk Clean

Features and Facilities On the New version

Here the best features of Clean Master for the PC version (latest). We recommend this application to keep safe your browser/internet privacy also!

  • Kik the Jinkies and make a lot of free space on the hard disk, basically C drive,
  • Boost the driver software, keep your driver up-to-date, remove errors and free download millions of driver applications!

PC Boost Clean Master For PC

  • Remove Error from PC and gorgeously improve the CPU performance. Also, Clean RAM and get a faster computer better than before
  • Recover deleted files like docs, Xls, PSD, pdf, jpeg, mp3, mp4, etc all kinds of files accidentally
  • Take a perfect look for your PC health at a glance and take effective steps suggested by the Clean Master
  • Top security in minimal software. It can check your internet browsing privacy and protect you from abnormal access and connectivity.
  • Auto clean files after using an external file manager like ES file explorer PC version.

Program Clean

User Complaints and Problems

  • Sometimes automatically and accidentally it cleans all the browser data like cookies, browsing history, saved password/username. As a result, you need to log in on your existing various online accounts again and again.
  • The auto-update function is default enabled. So it eating data unwantedly. But can disable the option to manual update.

Clean Master for PC Standard Edition is a well laid out, unobtrusive set of cleaning tools. The interface is easy to navigate, and the app will be familiar to many users that have the popular Android version of this cleaning suite.

Screenshots of Clean Master Software

Clean Master Software Overview

Clean Master Download For PC

Technical Specification

Version 2021
File Size 21.3 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Cheetah Mobile


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