Classic Word Game For Android And iOS

Classic Word game is the best free word game to play against your phone or tablet. It’s designed to test ability with language or to explore its properties.

Avoid the delays, cheaters, and other frustrations of online Scrabble by playing it. Other classic word games against your Android device, courtesy of Classic Words Free.


This app lets you play Scrabble, Words with Friends, and Word feud in Solitaire mode. With six levels to choose from, anyone can play.

Classic Word Game

Choose the skill level of the computer from beginner to expert pick a word list and use your strategy skills and vocabulary to try and defeat the Droid.

Create and place words on the board and boost your score by placing letters on the high scoring Double Letter, Double Word, Triple Letter and Triple Word squares.

Use all 7 letters from your rack to play a Bingo and get a 50 points bonus.

Classic Word game is used by many Scrabble enthusiasts to play quick training matches and learn new words from the computer’s moves.

Unlike multiplayer board games where some dishonest players use anagram solvers, there is no cheating possible when playing solitaire.

Letters and blanks are always picked randomly, and the computer’s artificial intelligence does not have more information than you do.

Classic Word game is a great time killer for all fans of board games and strategy games. It is also an educational game that will allow kids to improve their spelling and vocabulary.

Classic Word Game Feature

  • 6 levels of difficulty
  • Display the definition of words by swiping them
  • Quit and resume game whenever you want
  • Shake to shuffle

Classic Word game

  • Languages and dictionaries supported:
  • English, SOWPODS 2015 (Official English tournament list), TWL 2014 (Official list), German (with support of Umlauts, and Ezset to be replaced by two ‘S’), French (Official list used in Scrabble tournaments), Italian, Spanish, Dutch.
  • Distribution of letters and points is adapted to the language
  • Supports offline play

Classic Word game Benefits

  • They make the parts of the brain more active.
  • Increase the IQ level.
  • It helps in increasing knowledge.
  • You can learn more and more words.
  • Improves the vocabulary of the individual.
  • Provide exercise to the brain.
  • Increase the thinking power.
  • Improves the working of the brain and response time.
  • Improve overall performance.
  • Spelling improvement.

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Playing against your phone or tablet avoids the waiting, registration, and (best of all) drama of online gaming forums. There are banner ads, which can distract from the user experience
You can play in French, Italian, Spanish, German, or Dutch, or three different English word lists.
It also enables automatic definitions, shows or hide special tile colors, and enable AutoZoom.

Technical Specification

Tittle Classic word game
Version Classic word game 2.1.17
Developer Lulo apps
Last updated July 28, 2019
License Free

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