Chemsketch Chemistry software free download

ChemSketch is a powerful application that intends to help you draw chemical structures and diagrams with minimum effort. It can be used by teachers, students or by professionals that need to use chemical schematics for reports and presentations.

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Benefits of ChemSketch software:

Use library items or create complex chemical structures

The program allows you to create complex schematics from a blank page or to use the template library to add new items. It includes a large number of chemical compounds such as alkaloids or carbohydrates and allows you to add new substances.

View schematics in 2D or 3D

The chemical diagrams can be rendered in 3D in order to examine them from different angles. Both 2D and 3D schematics can be saved as image files in order to use them in other documents such as presentations.

Powerful calculator for accurate results

It includes an advanced calculator that can quickly provide you with the molecular formula or the composition for the current chemical structure. The professionals can use it to instantly calculate the molar volume or the monoisotopic mass for a certain substance.

Large database of documentation material

If you need more information about a certain chemical element, the program includes a detailed periodic table. Besides the information about the atomic radius and the melting point, it also displays general data about the name’s origin and the discoverer.

Features of Chemistry Diagram Software:


  • Click and drag between two atoms to quickly create bonds.
  • Create chemical structures from InChI and SMILES codes.
  • Draw Markush structures (generic view), structures with delocalization, and polymers
  • Create special Markush structures with added or removed mass or fragments, to describe metabolic and mass-spectral transformations.

Structure Searching:

  • Search for chemical structures in various file formats throughout your computer’s file systems. (SK2; MOL; SDF; SKC; CHM; CDX; RXN; Adobe PDF; Microsoft Office DOC, XLS, PPT; and ACD/Labs databases CUD, HUD, CFD, NDB, ND5, INT).


  • Choose from a wide range of special bond types including aromatic, delocalized, undefined single and double stereo, quadruple, and coordination bonds.
  • Automatically assign hydrogen atoms and charges to fill valence.

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