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Jan 25,2021 - Chedot (Free)

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For a long time now, Google Chrome has been the most popular browser to derive from the diverse and reliable Chromium platform. However, there are other browsers based on Chromium that are still out there. Each one has its own unique tools with its functionality. The Chedot Browser is a good example of this. For starters, it has a cool-looking icon that resembles a Che Guevara bird. Aside from the basic ability to surf the internet, the browser features many unique tools /as well. This is a free web browser for Windows PC.

Chedot Browser Download For Windows

There is a bundle of interesting features that come with the Chromium-based browser for PC. After the browser is installed, just launch the app and wait for the main window to pop up. In the upper left corner, you’ll immediately see all new icons.

There are 5 specific tools in the web navigator which improve the user experience. For instance, there is a VPN service integrated into the browser which lets users hide their IP addresses and go to geo-restricted websites. Another tool lets you quickly view your Facebook account profile and various sections of it.

The browser has a Media Downloader that can download your favorite videos from YouTube in either mp4a format or mp4 format. This tool can also download music in mp4a format from Soundcloud, which is a music streaming service.

The Download Manager tool shows you each item you downloaded by using the web browser. And lastly, there is a screen capture tool that comes in very handy. It lets you select and enhance certain parts of your browser window that are visible.

All this might sound great, but there are some things that are annoying, such as the first tab being locked. You won’t be able to close or unpin the tab either. You can only browse with it.

Also, there is a custom intro screen that comes up whenever you start a new tab, and it cannot be deactivated. This is the default screen of the browser which greets you upon opening the tab. It’ll show you different categories and lots of ads.

Home Page

While until now everything is all fine and dandy, we would like to point out a few things that might come off as being a bit annoying. We will start with the fact that the first tab is locked and, although you can browse any website within it, it can never be unpinned or close, for that matter.

Secondly, the web browser comes with its custom start screen which also cannot be disabled. This means that each time you open a new tab, you will be greeted by a “Chedot” default screen that displays various categories, some of them littered with ads.


System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7, 8, 10
Processor A processor with a frequency of 1200 MHz, or more powerful.
Memory The size of the RAM is 256 Mb or more.
Storage Space 320 MB of Hard disk space.
Video Card 128 MB and more Video RAM required.
Architecture 32-bit and 64-bit architecture.

Chedot Free Web Browser For Windows Software Features

  • Speed of work.
  • Built-in antivirus.
  • Built-in Media Downloader that lets you download videos from YouTube, Facebook, and other sites and convert them to audio files.
  • Built-in unlimited VPN (Proxy) that allows you to access blocked sites.
  • A built-in Screenshot that lets you screenshot a web page in a single click and send a link to friends.
  • Built-in WhatsApp messenger.

Screenshots of Chedot Browser

Chedot Browser FAQs

How To Install The Chedot Browser

  1. Download this browser by clicking on the download button
  2. Open the downloaded file and click «Install».
  3. Once the installation is complete, the browser will launch.
  4. You can get started in the Chedot browser.


How To Uninstall Chedot Browser

  • Right-click the “Start” button or lower-left corner of your desktop to open the “Quick Access Menu”.
  • Select the “Control Panel” option in the menu.
  • Click “Uninstall a Program” to open the list of installed programs.
  • Select the Chedot program and click the “Uninstall” button.


Chedot Browser Older Versions

Version Name Size Download
ChedotSetup_x6428odD 981 KB Download
  • Cent Browser
  • Torch Browser
  • Epic Privacy Browser
  • Chromium
  • Safe Exam Browser

Chedot Browser Overview

Technical Specification

File Size 981 KB
Languages English
License Free
Developer Chedot


If you are looking for a Chromium-based web browser that offers a few extra neat features, then Chedot is definitely worth your attention, if the blocked first tab and the new tab screen aren’t an annoyance to you, of course.


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