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Chatterino – Best Twitch Chat App Download For PC 2.3.2

Jun 30,2021 - fourtf (Free)

32 MB (Safe & Secure)

Chatterino is a handy piece of software that allows you to communicate with other Twitch users right from your computer’s desktop. It’s intended to provide you with an expanded version of the Twitch chat, but the app’s primary big attraction is clearly the fact that it provides a quicker option than the conventional one, which requires you to utilize a web browser.

As expected, in order to use the app you are required to first authorize Chatterino to use your account or skip this step altogether if you’re aiming to chat as a guest user.

Chatterino Software DownloadOnce logged in, you are bound to discover the app’s fairly non-impressive, tabbed interface user interface. It shortly becomes evident that the interface is the element that has been sacrificed for increased speed, as well as for obtaining a lightweight package.

New channels or chat sessions can be added by simply clicking the plus button from the top toolbar. There are two extra buttons located on the left side of the toolbar, one helps you access the accounts section, while the other launches the Preferences menu.

System Requirements

Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Chatterino Best Twitch Chat App For Windows

  • Batteries Included: It supports Twitch, BetterTTV, and FrankerFaceZ emotes. Dark Theme. (also Light Theme.)
  • Lots of Customizations: View multiple chats side-by-side in one tab. Ignore or highlight messages based on your own criteria.
  • Engage in Your Communities: Talk in both online and top-secret offline chats. Get notified when people mention you. Connect to as many channels* as you like to.
  • Your Laptop Fans Get to Take a Break: Chatterino is a native desktop application that’s easy on your CPU & GPU.
  • Streamer Mode: Hide user content while OBS is running. Horses strictly prohibited.
  • Link Information: Preview image links before opening them. View YouTube stats. Preview emotes from links. This is disabled by default for privacy reasons.

Mentions Panel
Combine all your mentions in the “/mentions” panel to keep track. Don’t miss important messages while streaming.

Screenshots of Chatterino Twitch Chat App Download

Official Video of Chatterino Twitch Chat App

How To Update Chatterino

Chatterino App Download Older Versions

Version Name Date Size Download
2.3.2 May, 19th 2021 32 MB Download

What’s New In Latest Version

  • New split for channels going live.
  • Minor: Added a message that displays a new date on new day.
  • Minor: Hosting messages are now clickable.
  • Minor: Messages held by automod are now shown to the user.
  • Minor: Load 100 blocked users rather than the default 20.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a potential crashing issue related to the browser extension.
  • Bugfix: Strip newlines from stream titles to prevent text going off of split header.
  • Bugfix: Automod messages now work properly again.
  • Bugfix: Login expired message no longer highlights all tabs.
  • Bugfix: Fix a deadlock that would occur during user badge loading.
  • Bugfix: Tabbing in Select a channel to open is now consistent.
  • Bugfix: Fix Ctrl + Backspace not closing colon emote picker.
  • Bugfix: Approving/denying AutoMod messages works again.
  • Dev: Migrated AutoMod approve/deny endpoints to Helix.
  • Dev: Migrated Get Cheermotes endpoint to Helix.

Chatterino Twitch Chat App Overview

Technical Specification

Chatterino Download
Version 2.3.2
File Size 32 MB
Languages English
License Free
Developer fourtf


Chatterino is a very nice and useful Twitch Chat App that is sure to find its way on your computer if you spend a lot of time chatting with other users on Twitch. As mentioned before, it’s no contender for the “best-looking app award,” however, it’s fast, convenient, and highly configurable which is exactly why you should give it a try.


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